How to Know When It's Time to Quit Your Job

Published Date 7/14/2014
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Looking for a Career

Do you find yourself complaining about your job every day? Do you have to drag yourself out of bed every morning because you dread going to work? If so, it might be time to quit your job. Most people don’t stay in the same job their entire life, so take a look at these four reasons that let you know it’s time to move on.

There Is No Room for Advancement

Career psychics often hear people complain about dead-end jobs. If you’re stuck in a job where there is no room for advancement, you should look for a new job where growth is exponential. Sure, you might get a small raise every year in your current job, but it isn’t usually enough to keep up with the cost of living or even inflation. If you have a job with promotion potential, you typically have better room for wage growth.

You Have No Time for Family and Friends

Some jobs require so much of your time that you have none left for family and friends. For instance, work commitments can involve business trips, out-of-hours meetings, and long work hours. If family time is important to you and your work takes you away from it, it might be time to quit your job and look for something new. If you’re never home, you’ll miss your kids growing up and it can put stress on your relationships. The best jobs are eight to five, as long as you can leave your work at work.

You’ve Lost Your Passion for the Job

Starting a new job is exciting because you get to learn new things. However, jobs can become more boring the longer you do them, especially if you’re responsible for tedious tasks. So, be careful to choose a job where you can keep your passion alive. Otherwise, you won’t be happy and going to work will become a drag. The best way to find a good job is to look at the things you are passionate about and then try to find a job to match.

Your Job Is Negatively Affecting Your Health

Some jobs are bad for your health. For instance, manual labor is taxing on your back and hands and can lead to all sorts of health problems. Additionally, some warehouses can expose you to chemicals and other hazards that can make you sick over time. If you work in one of these jobs for too long, your health might become an issue for you sooner than you’d like. A career psychic would suggest that you look for a job where you don’t have to worry about your health. Just remember, desk jobs are the best, but only if you also lead an active life at home.

No job that makes you unhappy is worth your time. Work doesn’t have to be fun, but it shouldn’t make you so unhappy that it affects your mood even when you’re not there. If you’re not sure where to look for work or what you really want to do with your life, an online psychic can help you choose your path.


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