How to Harness the Power of Color to Attract a Mate

Date 3/31/2021
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Learn about the power of color in your love life

Learn about the power of color in your love life

Color is a major point of attraction for the opposite sex, and each shade has different abilities. Various studies of color psychology and color therapy indicate that the colors you wear actually affect how others perceive your attractiveness. Here are some colors that have proven abilities to attract a significant other. 


Something has to attract us to a person to create the initial spark that leads to more. Studies have shown that men and women are sexually attracted to the color red. This radar for red is partially cultural and partially biological. Throughout the world, red and pink stand for romance and symbolize love, hearts, and Valentine's Day. The attraction to red can also be primal. Various female primates display red on themselves as a way to attract mates of the opposite sex, and the males are wired to look for that display of color. 

When a man sees a woman in red, the color unconsciously encourages him to find her more attractive. Similarly, when a woman sees a man in red, she instinctively sees him as holding a higher status and may be more interested in pursuing him. The simple red cue that influences passion in the animal kingdom also persuades our feelings and behaviors. When you want to look and feel attractive, wear red. For more advice on how to include red and other colors in your love life, talk to an online psychic.


Black is thought to signify authority and power in some situations and thoughtful submission in others. This color is eternally popular in fashion because it makes people appear thinner. It's also considered a timeless shade that never goes out of style. Wearing black gives others the impression that you are sophisticated and elegant. A seductive color, black also projects an air of mystery, intrigue, and sexuality. 


White is thought to signify purity. Brides, for instance, typically wear white to symbolize their innocence and virtue. Doctors and nurses wear white to emphasize sterility. Others may perceive you as pure and innocent if you wear white, and they may be attracted to you as white reflects a sense of cleanliness. To see if your color scheme has you on the right track to finding love, speak to a psychic and get a love tarot reading.


Cheerful and sunny yellow always gets attention. While it's considered an optimistic color, yellow also the most difficult color for the eye to take in. That means this bright color can be overpowering if overused. Yellow is said to enhance concentration, speed up metabolism, and cause excitement. While it is an upbeat color, though, yellow also signifies impatience. People have been known to lose their tempers more often in yellow rooms. Wear yellow to get attention, but be sure not to overdo it.

The right outfit in a desirable color may be the opening you need to meeting your next mate. Make sure your color scheme is sending the right message, and then use it to your advantage.


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