How to Give a Moving and Thoughtful Gift for the Holidays by Psychic Ryan

Published Date 12/11/2019
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Giving a truly powerful gift is easier than you think!

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We've all heard the saying, "it's the thought that counts" when it comes to giving gifts during the holiday season, but what do you do when your thoughts run dry? Knowing how to give a moving and thoughtful gift for the holidays can make the difference between a fake "You really shouldn't have…" and an "Oh my goodness!!! How did you know?" Let's explore how you can give a truly powerful gift.

1. Think of the experience, not the object.

Our fondest memories come from powerful experiences, not from monetary value. Remember the first car you bought? The pride, the excitement, the feeling of having earned something meaningful. When you give a gift, you should think first of the experience the recipient will have with it. Giving an artist a paintbrush would be like giving a psychic a deck of tarot cards-- it's something we already have, and likely have very unique preferences on. However, giving an artist a shade of paint that matches their eyes or that makes you think of them with a note explaining it is far more likely to produce a visceral and moving reaction.

2. Stop worrying about your budget.

We all wish we had more money to spend on holiday gifts. If I could give a little red corvette to my mom for Christmas, heck I'd do it in the blink of an eye, but reality is often disappointing. By removing your budget from your thoughts, it'll help you focus on the themes and ideas that surround your gifts. Maybe the truth is that I want to give my momma that car because it's the same kind she had when she was eighteen, and by thinking LESS about the price and MORE about the theme, I can come up with a whole list of reasonable gifts that would remind my mom of the same good-old-times without the horrendous price-tag.

3. Quit buying "junk" presents just because you want to give somebody something.

Clutter is a big problem all over. We're in a very "stuff" oriented time right now, and boy do we have the overflowing cupboards to prove it! Oftentimes buying somebody a gift just to have something to give them is worse than not giving them something at all. When we receive a gift, we feel obligated to keep it around, often causing irritation and sometimes even anger. Instead, consider something that person is likely to use and buy them that instead. A dozen cookies from your local bakery or a quality bar of chocolate will mean a heck of a lot more than a novelty stuffed animal or another coffee mug.

No matter what, giving a gift during the holidays is a thoughtful and loving gesture that's sure to earn you a point in the old karma-bucket. Speaking of gifts, have you considered the powerful gift of a psychic reading? Still not sure? Consider reaching out to one of our advisors for a more in-depth and personal look at what you should get your person of interest. 

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