How to Get Back on Track with Your Goals

Published Date 5/8/2014
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There's nothing to compare with the exhilaration of finally meeting your goals.

It’s easy to set goals, but trying to actually achieve them can leave you feeling overwhelmed, unsatisfied, and deeply frustrated. If you feel like you’re reaching for goals that consistently recede with the horizon, you may need to revisit your strategy and approach the process in a fresh new way.

Set Achievable Goals

Avoid seemingly impossible goals, like “have a million dollars” if your annual salary is $30,000. If you’re seeking financial stability, pick one large but attainable goal, like “pay off all debt.” Then break that down into several mini-goals that will let you know you’re making progress along the way. If you’re paying off your debt, these little goals may include doubling the minimum payment on your credit cards, or brown bagging your lunch for a month so you can put your restaurant money towards student loans.

Write Your Goals Down

One study of Harvard MBA graduates found that those who set goals but didn’t write them down were earning twice as much as counterparts without them ten years after graduation. That’s a good start, but those who actually put their goals on paper were earning ten times as much as the other graduates. Put those goals on paper and keep them in a prominent place where you can check in often.


If you have a dozen goals at once, you’re sure to fail with at least a few, and those small failures may overshadow your greater success. Pick just one major goal to pursue. If you’re having trouble seeing what’s most important right now, try talking to a live phone psychic. Your psychic may clearly see which areas of your life are the most important to focus on.

Check Back In

Schedule a specific time each week or month to check in with your goal and see how you’re doing. If you’re trying to lose weight, this is your regular weigh in. If you’re saving money, this is when you look at the bank account. For goals that are harder to measure, checking in with your psychic network may give you some insight on your progress. Measure your success as accurately as you can and refocus on the goal at hand so you can do just as good, or even better, at the next check in.

Reward Yourself

Set up a rewards system so you have something to look forward to when you meet your goals. Just make sure the rewards aren’t self-defeating. If you’re on a diet, don’t reward yourself with a binge. Try a massage to pamper your body instead. If you’re paying off debt, don’t splurge on a huge dinner out. Instead, bake a special dessert at home and enjoy an indulgence that’s both frugal and sweet.

Stick with your goals and keep your eyes focused on the task at hand. When you choose one attainable goal and approach it wisely, you’ll find that you can achieve real success in even a short period of time.


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