How To End A Decorating War With Your Spouse

Published Date 9/6/2013
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How To End A Decorating War With Your Spouse

If you recently downsized and moved into a smaller home with your spouse, you might be relieved now that you have more financial stability. However, a new problem might arise if you and your partner can't agree on how to decorate your new space. If you and your spouse disagree on everything from colors to furniture styles, there are a few ways you can work around these issues.

First, Hitched magazine recommends picking out items that you both enjoy at a furniture store. Then, discuss your selections and determine why they work (or don't work) in your home. Functionality can help you solve some of your most difficult dilemmas.

Next, The New York Times claims that it's best to avoid looking for approval from your spouse. Even in the end, he might not completely agree with your design choices - let him keep his opinion and try to find your own satisfaction in your decor.

Finally, consider contacting our psychic line if you feel that your decorating arguments might have a lasting effect on your relationship. Phone psychic readings can give you insight into where you can draw the line and compromise for the sake of your marriage.


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