How to Defuse An Argument

Published Date 8/1/2013
Category: Love, Relationships & Family

How to Diffuse An Argument

While some problems may have a simple solution in your eyes, the same might not be the case for your spouse. In this situation, you may both butt heads, which can lead to unnecessary stress and arguing. So how do you stop a fight before it becomes out of control?

One way to ensure that you never add fuel to the fire is to try and have an open mind, according to Cosmopolitan magazine. Understanding that your partner may have a different opinion than you can help you reel in your emotions. Next, it's a good idea to agree to disagree when you're talking about a particularly sensitive topic. Take a step back and let the item of discussion just be - don't worry about being right or wrong.

Finally, Men's Health magazine recommended avoiding asking "Why?" questions. Not only can this prolong an argument, but it can strike a nerve with your spouse, causing an argument to quickly escalate when it doesn't need to happen.

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