How To Confidently Go In For A Kiss

Published Date 7/17/2013
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How To Confidently Go In For A Kiss

What do you do once you've found a great woman, you're out on a date and you really want to kiss her? If you've never been very confident in these types of situations, it might be challenging for you to make this type of move. You may be even more afraid if you're divorced and have seen a happy romance go sour in the past.

However, there are a couple of ways you can go in for a kiss, fulfill your date's desires and leave her wanting more. AskMen recommended taking this statement to heart - "Nice guys finish last." While no one wants someone in her face as soon as the date begins, women tend to admire confidence in a man. Be a little naughty and go in for that kiss if you want to reel her in!

To ensure that you're giving her an experience to remember, Marie Claire magazine stated that it's best to be gentle - don't go in for her lips and apply too much force. If you feel that she wasn't ready for your move, simply apologize for your actions.

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