How to Avoid the Temptation to Cheat

Published Date 5/18/2014
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Will you make the choice to cheat?

It happens even when you don't want to, whether you're married or in a relationship: you see someone—at work, at the market, online—and you feel a little spark. Maybe you've been thrown together on a project at work, maybe the person is a friend, but the specifics really don't matter. You're not single, you're thinking about having an affair, you really don't want to give into the temptation, and the good news is that you don't have to—as long as you're strong.

Admit That It's a Possibility

To avoid the temptation to cheat, you have to admit that cheating is possible. You could cheat on your partner. You could have an affair with the person who's caught your fancy. It all comes down to a choice. Are you willing to give up what you have for a few fleeting moments of pleasure? Do you want to risk the strength and integrity of your relationship for something that won't last?

If, however, you're convinced that you're in a relationship with the wrong person, do the honest thing. Break things off with your partner before pursuing a relationship with someone else. You're better than that, and don't you owe it to your other half?

Discuss Your Urges with Someone

Sometimes simply discussing your feelings can put things in perspective. Understandably, you might not want to talk about your desire to have an affair with anyone who knows your significant other. It might actually be better to keep this quiet.

If you simply need a sounding board, talk to a love psychic. You'll never find better advice, and he or she will listen to all your feelings, worries, and urges. You'll get an unbiased opinion as well, because your psychic is not involved in your relationship. Doing this will allow you to get to the root of your urges, and you may find ways to work on your own relationship.

Don't Flirt

You can't put yourself out there if you're trying to resist the urge to cheat. Don't act like you're available around the object of your desires. More importantly, don't act flirtatious. That sends the wrong signals. Worse, it sends mixed signals, and that's not fair to anyone involved.

Try to Strengthen Your Relationship

As mentioned, having a live psychic reading about love can help you pinpoint issues in your relationship. Are you looking to other people to get something you lack in your own relationship? Are you missing passion, compassion, conversation, or affection?

Find out what's wrong in your relationship, and start working on it. If your partner doesn't know anything's wrong, he or she can't fix the problem. If you're not honest, you'll never get what you want either.

Take Yourself Out of the Situation

If possible, take yourself completely out of the situation. Don't put yourself in the path of temptation. Depending on your situation, there are several ways to do this:

  • Keep work at work, and don't spend extra time with a colleague in whom you're interested
  • Change gyms if you're chatting up an exercise buddy
  • Stop going to the same chat room as your online romance
  • And avoid private situations with the person you fancy

Cheating is a choice. Will you say yes or no?


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