How to Avoid Suffering Workplace Burnout

Published Date 11/18/2014
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Everyone has experienced stress from their job at one time or another, but workplace burnout can become serious. says that "Burnout is a state of emotional, mental, and physical exhaustion caused by excessive and prolonged stress." As a sufferer, you might feel fatigued, anxious, and depressed, often with a sense of dread. If this sounds like you, consider these simple tricks for avoiding workplace burnout.

Take Some Time Off

Before reaching the point of a mental breakdown or physical pain--take advantage of your vacation time or sick days to allow yourself to recuperate.

Don't get caught in the trap of trying to catch up on your time off. If you're like 44 percent of working moms or 36 percent of working dads, you bring your work home with you, says That's not what your vacation time is about. Instead, participate in relaxing activities to reduce stress. Such activities might include:

  • Going for a walk and enjoying nature.
  • Getting a massage or spa treatment.
  • Taking a yoga class.
  • Talking with a friend, counselor, or online psychic.
  • Exercising.
  • Reading a book.
  • Taking a bubble bath.

Talk With a Psychic

Psychics' services aren't all about making predictions and reading your palm. In reality, they can provide guidance and help for any issues you may struggle with. Since most psychics have a strong background and experience in lifestyle, careers, and grieving, the psychic community is a wonderful place to turn when seeking advice. If you need someone to talk to, don't be afraid to chat with a phone psychic to gain personalized advice and emotional support.

Delegate Your Tasks

Workplace burnout often occurs when you're overwhelmed with responsibilities and don't have enough time to perform them. You can lighten your workload by delegating tasks to others. Is there an intern available who can help you file paperwork? Can you get an office friend to take on one of your tasks? Maybe you can also outsource projects, a solution that's especially useful if you're running a small business.

Say No When You're Overwhelmed

The problem with delegating tasks is that people in the office are likely to want you to take on additional tasks, too. If you're eager to please, then you'll likely accept the responsibility without question, even when you clearly don't have the time. This practice will undoubtedly lead to workplace burnout.

When the task will only overwhelm you, let people know that you don't have the time for it and that they're better off finding someone who is more available. It's tough to say no, but doing so can actually benefit all those involved. You'll avoid a high-stress situation, and the project your coworker is trying to delegate will likely get done faster if he or she goes to someone more available.

When you're faced with workplace burnout, it's not your fault. However, you do have the power to take the steps to avoid it. If you're feeling stressed and overwhelmed in your job, start with these steps to reduce that stress and avoid burning out.


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