How to Attract the Love of Your Life by Psychic MaryJane

Date 2/27/2021
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Decide who you will let jump into your energy pool!

Decide who you will let jump into your energy pool!

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How to Attract the Love of Your Life by Psychic MaryJane

The Love of Your Life. Something so profound sounds so simple to achieve. But how do I do it?

3 words. 


Yes, you read that correctly. Say it with me… If I raise my vibration, I will attract the love of my life.

Now, you are thinking, OK, MaryJane, but how do I raise my vibration?

Get to Know Yourself

Self-love. Make yourself a priority. I mean REALLY a priority. I am not talking bubble baths and pedicures here. (Though they can't hurt!) I am talking about getting to know yourself. Put down the phone and the social media world and schedule time for yourself. Start to observe yourself as if you are outside your body.  How much time are you spending listening to others complain? How much time are you feeling depleted and rejected by someone's actions or words?

Jump in the Energy Pool

Imagine you have a beautiful pool. Palm trees and birds surround this heavenly scene. You can walk out and dip into your pool whenever you want. The water is perfect, and you feel calm and centered. Then, suddenly, a neighbor's ball comes splashing into the water, a rowdy group of youths are doing cannonballs left and right. Your sweet well-meaning neighbor just jumps right in without even asking if she can. A lifeguard appears and screeches a whistle “EVERYBODY OUT OF THE POOL!" Your once serene escape is now utter chaos.

Let's imagine now, the pool is YOU. It is your energy. You decide who jumps in and out. You decide who splashes in your face. If this was real life, would you let people you don't even know jump into your pool? Of course not. You would say "Hey! This is not your pool get out!" Now let's get back to that attracting love into your life.

Keep your pool as clean and calm as you can. (In other words, keep your personal sacred energy space clean and calm).

Ground Yourself

Now this will take a big shift on your part. Habits need to be changed. In your observance of yourself you saw, let's say you feel run down and taken for granted by your job. As you end your work time, immediately think of what you can do for yourself. Connect with Mother Nature in any way you can. If you can't go for a walk thru foliage, look up to the sky. Breathe in the air. Marvel at the clouds or the moon. You have just grounded yourself and given yourself a big heaping of self-love.

Continue to do these little acts every day and at every free moment. Explore hobbies, look up subjects that pique your interest, but you know nothing about. Thank your body for getting you through the day.  When you eat, say a blessing to whomever you choose! For example: the farmers that grew the food or the Divine.

Raise Those Vibrations!

Here is the exciting part… as your self-love grows, so does your vibration level. The higher your vibration level the more you can attract abundance into your life! People will suddenly appear with a level of vibration that matches yours. This also applies to all areas of your life!

That hobby you suddenly took up? That subject that piqued your interest? Yes, you guessed it - the person or people or opportunities that suddenly appear? Laced in a simply magical way with all those interests you explored.

It all comes down to love… Self-love.

Raise those vibrations and watch the abundance flow into your life!

Embrace life,

MaryJane x3638


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