How Social Media Is Negatively Impacting Your in-Person Relationships

Date 7/31/2018

Social media can cause jealousy, insecurity, and conflict in relationships.

Social media can cause jealousy, insecurity, and conflict in relationships.

Do you and your partner spend more time staring at your phones than staring into each other's eyes? A survey by Deloitte shows that U.S. smartphone users check their phones 47 times a day. Social media addiction is ruining relationships. Here's how your online time can affect your in-person relationships. 

Kills Romance

These days, it's all too common to see couples engrossed in their phones rather than talking to each other. Constantly checking your phone is distracting and prevents you from being fully present when in the company of your significant other. Set boundaries and limit cellphone use when you're together. If you can't remember what your partner wore the night before, switch off your phone on your next date and give them your undivided attention.

Diminishes Social Skills

Growing up in a digital world has made millennials the most socially awkward generation. Millennials find it easier to chat over an app than speak to someone in person. Many even break up by text. Social media, a tool that is supposed to enhance communication, is actually ruining it. Keeping in touch with friends via text is a great way to maintain contact. However, nothing beats face-to-face communication that allows you to see facial expressions and body language. 

Creates Conflict

If your partner is a social media fanatic who splashes everything all over Facebook, you know how irritating it is. When one partner is social media-averse and the other can't stop oversharing, it can be a huge pain point in the relationship. Social media addicts tend to disregard their partner's objections, and this escalates the conflict. If you're the guilty party, respect your partner's feelings. If you're really itching to post something, make sure your partner is OK with you sharing it.

Fosters Insecurity

If you obsessively check your partner's social media for evidence they're cheating, you're not alone. Everyone, at some point, has digitally stalked someone. Social media feeds insecurity. Before you accuse your partner, think rationally. Are they behaving any differently or suspiciously in real life? Is their social media behavior inappropriate or are you simply blowing things out of proportion? If you want further reassurance, a quick chat with an online psychic can help assuage fears.

Increases Infidelity

The smartphone makes it ridiculously easy to cheat. It's easy to meet people and slide into an online affair. It's just as easy to hide it by simply deleting chats. Remember, even if the interaction is only taking place online, it is still cheating. If you feel the need to wipe the evidence off your phone, then you know your relationship with that person isn't innocent. Rather than turn to someone else for attention, perhaps something's amiss in your relationship. A love psychic reading can help identify issues between you.

Your love affair with social media can seesaw. One minute you love it because your selfie got a thousand likes, the next you hate it because your boyfriend complimented a pretty girl. To maintain sanity, limit your screen time and spend more time in real face-to-face meet-ups.


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