How Seasonal Changes Affect Your Energy by Psychic Advisor Alan

Published Date 12/7/2016
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Is one season better for love and romance than another?

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It's a familiar feeling, but one hardly discussed. From winter into spring, we feel an explosion of excitement and optimism, and from autumn into winter, we feel a bit down and like hardly any progress is being made. Some people equate seasonal depression to these feelings, but from a spiritual or psychic perspective, much more interesting things are happening with your energy.

As emphatic beings, we subconsciously pick up on the energy around us. This can mean walking into a room and feeling tense, or knowing that a friend is having a bad day just by looking at them. We're constantly picking up on the living energies around us, and our survival instincts beg our minds to mirror those emotions. This happens on a much bigger scale as the seasons change. 

How Do Seasonal Changes Affect You?

1) Goals Are Easier to Make from Winter into Spring.
Because winter is often a time where our energy can feel dull or dragging, it’s important to be proactive in trying to balance it. The most important thing you can do to continue spiritual awareness and fulfillment is to set small goals and accomplish them. Whether it's as simple as "I'm going to eat something healthy today" or "I'm going to go on at least one date by the end of the month," these little victories drive our minds to places of clarity, peace, and happiness. 

While these goals are easier to set during the change from winter into spring, we cannot allow the temptation of laziness to stop us from setting these goals during the rest of the year. We have examples like New Year’s Resolutions in some cultures to use as an example, but if you can get in the habit of making small, achievable, goals all year long, you can help get "unstuck" or see progress in your life when things seem their toughest. Even small “wins” or accomplishments will boost your energy and make you want to keep achieving.

2) Transitioning into the Cold Months Amplifies Small Problems.
If you look at life purely from a natural perspective, as if we were just animals living on earth, it's no wonder that our problems would seem huge during the cold months. From a survival perspective, a deer with a broken leg during winter is far more likely to encounter serious problems than if it had broken its leg during summer. Foraging, escaping from predators, all of these life or death scenarios become exponentially more difficult when the weather is uncooperative. This can automatically result in tense, heavy energy, which is only amplified by obstacles we encounter.

Those same survival instincts live deep within us, and tempt our minds to become painfully aware of even the smallest problems we face. This is completely natural, and it's okay to get down on yourself now and again, but it's important to be aware of this. Being passed up for a promotion, missing a romantic connection, suffering from financial struggles, all these things seem like HUGE problems during the winter months. If you're aware that your mind is playing tricks on you during these crucial times, you'll find yourself in a place of clarity and able to combat any issues that arise in your life with greater ease. Be mindful of the negative energy, accept it, and encourage yourself to move forward.

3) Autumn and Winter Romance Is More Prevalent, Less Passionate.
Any romantic connection you may have, whether it's casual dating or marriage, will seem more romantic during autumn and winter, and more passionate during spring and summer. We tend to love more comfortably when it's cold outside. We're reminded of cuddling sessions, sharing hot cocoa by the fire, and kissing under the mistletoe when it's cold outside. During the hot months, however, we're reminded of steamy make-out sessions, stripping down by the lake (maybe even some after-hours skinny dipping), and romantic vacations we take with our lovers. The energy during the autumn and winter can feel warmer but lower, while the passionate energy in the summertime is at an all time high.

The biggest mistake I see people make from a psychic perspective during seasonal changes is thinking they've lost their "spark" during winter and thinking they've found their soul mate during summer. Be very aware of the differences in interaction we have with romantic prospects during different seasons, and you'll find yourself able to keep the passion alive during winter, and still find time for cuddling all summer long. It’s important to keep this energy balanced throughout the year for true happiness.

4) Your Ex is More Likely to Reach Out During the Holidays.
Whether this is a good thing or a bad thing for you, your ex is far more likely to reach out during the holiday season (whenever that is depending on your culture). In my personal experience, I have really strong and meaningful memories with my exes around the holidays. Meeting family members, exchanging presents, etc., and I'm sure most of you can relate. These strong experiences in our past guide our conscious minds towards repetition. At our core, we are creatures of habit. If I spend Christmas with you one year, at the very least I'll be thinking about you during Christmas next year, and that's what makes people more likely to reach out. Depending on your relationship and feelings with your ex, this may shift your energy either way dramatically. Be prepared and keep a level head!

5) You're More Likely to be Promoted After the Turn of the Year.
This one is less psychic, more business experience. Companies tend to review their position right around the end of the year, heading into the first month of the next year, and that's when they're most likely to hand out promotions to key members of their team. If you're thinking about asking for a promotion, wait until mid to late January and you're more likely to succeed. Your energy is sensed by those around you, so be aware of what kind of energy you’re exuding in the workplace. This could affect your chance of getting the promotion.

Have any questions about how the seasons are directly affecting your energy? Feel free to pick up the phone and contact one of our experienced psychics to assist you now!

Much love and light to you and yours,
Alan x9469

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