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Published Date 2/18/2019
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Love exists in it's own dimension!

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As a Psychic Advisor, the number one type of question I receive is the client looking for answers to love issues.  A psychic reading about love often involves questions about the sincerity of feelings, loyalty or commitment issues. The love scenarios are often similar, but how the customer handles the information varies from person to person. Some individuals refuse to believe that the person they are smitten with will never be theirs or that the person they love does not feel the same.

It can be challenging to deliver the truth because the reaction of pain is hard to witness. In all honesty, I genuinely dislike delivering the sad reality of love, which is why I prefer believing that anything is possible. However, the fact remains that nothing is ever written in stone because the heart is fickle and can change in a moment’s notice.

Love is Uncontrollable
When it comes to love, a person loves you one day and not the next. It makes you wonder what makes a person fall for you in the first place? Love is like an uncontrollable wild beast who will react and run in any direction it desires. The only real control we have over love is whether we accept or reject its presence in our lives.

Regardless what a psychic reader tells you, the feelings of someone you love go beyond anyone’s control. A reading can detect specific potentials and provide you with ideas on how to cope, and what to expect, but it cannot force a person to act or speed up the process of love. Love exists in its own dimension, which lacks logic and time. 

Don’t Get Stuck on Timeframes
Speaking of time, it is often tricky when it comes to love matters. I recommend that you spend your energy focusing on the here and now. The reason I discourage focusing on timeframes is that many things can occur that may alter outcomes. In fact, there is little we can do other than give time its own process. 

In the meantime, while you wait, I recommend the following:
1. Keep a journal because it will help you with venting and releasing a lot of emotional pain.
2. Meditate often to help you get grounded.
3. Go to the gym, because the endorphins are amazing in reducing pain. Also working out increases dopamine which will improve your moods.
4. Hang out with friends and do fun things.
5. Seek professional help if you feel overwhelmed.
6. Get some Reiki treatments, because they are healing energy will help calm the anxiety of watching.
7. Do not reach out because space allows the person to process and miss you.
8. Write down everything you want to manifest in a relationship. When you do this exercise focus only on the relationship aspects and not the person.
9. Allow yourself to grieve and cry if that is what you need to do.

Keep in mind psychic readings are not about giving you a precise date since things do take time. Also, know what your psychic picks up are the potentials and possibilities. Know that readings are not the final say in your destination but a forecast of potentials. The future is not one dimensional which is why things are always subject to change, especially when it concerns matters of the heart.

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