How Numerology Can Help You in Life

Published Date 9/13/2014
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Life Path 3

Numerology is a way to study the hidden strengths, talents, and obstacles in a person’s life. That’s why some psychics use numerology during psychic readings. They look at the symbolism associated with your life path number. Numerology is a controversial study, but it has the potential to help you in your life if you’re willing to give it a try. Let’s take a closer look at how it works.

Numerology Basics

All objects vibrate at different frequencies. The frequency rate then matches a number on a numerology chart (life path number). You can look at the qualities and energies associated with an object’s number to understand its personality traits and potential outcomes.

Basic numerology takes a person’s birthdate and name to create a life path number for a numerological analysis. Three numbers are given for the birthdate and three numbers are given for the name. Numerology calculations are always reduced to single digits. For example, 16 would be reduced by adding 1 + 6 to make 7. All of the letters of the alphabet also correspond to a number. In general, odd numbers are connected to feminine energy and even numbers are connected to masculine energy.

General Meaning of Each Life Path Number

All traditions that use numerology have different meanings for each number. However, the following is a general list of life paths that genuine psychics use to interpret your numerology.

  • 1: These people work hard to succeed but often neglect their bodies in the process.
  • 2: These people have big hearts but have a tendency to be emotionally unhealthy.
  • 3: These people are effective communicators and love to talk about everything.
  • 4: These people like to be in control of their environment and emotions and easily get stressed.
  • 5: These people often feel trapped, so they need a lot of freedom in life to come and go as they please.
  • 6: These people are nurturers that try to achieve balance in all things.
  • 7: These people need their space and privacy so they can escape from uncomfortable circumstances.
  • 8: These people get caught up in helping others and neglect their own health.
  • 9: These people have a hard time asking for help and seem to hold their stress on their shoulders.

How Numerology Can Help You

Numerology tells you about your personality traits, which is why it can help you live a happier life. For instance, if you find out you’re a life path 9, you can work on alleviating your stress with shoulder massages. Additionally, phone psychics can calculate your life path number to predict certain outcomes of your future. Studying your numerology can help you make decisions that affect your long-term happiness. It can also give you special insight into your life.

As you can see, there are many uses to numerology and it can improve your life. If you’re interested in learning your life path number, contact a psychic for help. A psychic can help you understand your personality traits to improve your life.


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