How Coronavirus Has Changed How People Relate to Each Other

Date 9/12/2020

Just because you're physically distancing yourself, you can still develop deep, meaningful connections with others.

Just because you're physically distancing yourself, you can still develop deep, meaningful connections with others.

In a normal world, it can be hard to even keep track of the many times when you have contact with other people. However, when you're facing a global pandemic and possibly practicing extreme social distancing, you may go weeks without interacting with more than a few people. However, the changes aren't all bad. In fact, there are some beautiful shifts happening in the way that people interact with one another.

Reliance on New Ways to Develop Connections

After months of social distancing, the idea of getting close enough to another person to whisper in their ear may feel strange. People may choose to avoid connecting the way they did in the past, such as giving a loved one a kiss on the cheek or even a simple hug. However, physical touch isn't the only mechanism that people use for bonding. There are other things you use in your everyday social interaction, such as singing, laughing, dancing, and telling stories. 

More Relationships Maintained Virtually

Chances are that you're relying more on technology to stay in touch with family and friends. You may be communicating more via phone, text message, video chat, or through social media. In many cases, the reliance on technology for social interactions is leading to reconnections. Even if you lost touch with someone over the years, chances are that they'll pick up the phone if you call now to check on them. You may even find that you're having deeper, more meaningful conversations. 

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Stronger Attachment to Others

One of the benefits of the pandemic is the realization that no one is exempt from possible infection. Anyone can get sick. While that can be scary, it also makes it clear how important relationships are right now, which is likely boosting the appreciation you feel for your family and friends. There is a greater realization that you cannot get through this alone and that you need people.

Values like caring, consideration, and cooperation are being prioritized over popularity and prestige. You'll notice that in times of crisis like this, people celebrate community values and the sacrifice of self-interest for the common good. 

While you may be wary that the lack of physical contact with those around you could shift your relationships for the worse, it's important to remember that physically distant doesn't have to mean socially distant. With the help of technology and other mechanisms for developing connections, such as laughter and storytelling, you may find that you can actually strengthen your relationships. 


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