How Are My Lover and I Connecting? by Psychic Freya

Published Date 1/30/2017
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Do you sometimes feel like there is a wall between you and your partner?

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If there is trouble in paradise, asking “How are me and my lover connecting” is far more important and far more empowering than, “How does my lover feel about me”. Why? Because if there is a certain area of your lover you do not fully understand or they do not understand you than guess what… We can fix that! 

Someone can be very much attracted to you but this doesn’t always end up in a long term relationship. “How does my lover feel about me?” is a surface level question. To truly capture your lovers heart, we want to see where you are not connecting and heal that area so the relationship can expand and grow into something that is irreplaceable by both parties involved. 

Let’s take a look at the 4 questions I highly suggest you ask your psychic:

1) How are we connecting emotionally?

2) How are we connecting intellectually?

3) How are we connecting physically?

4) How are we connecting on a soul level or spiritually?

As a Tarot reading, it is performed very quick and easily. It only requires four cards and gives a lot of insight to the psychic as to what is going on between you and your beloved. Knowing the answer to these questions can make all the difference in the world when trying to build a bridge of understanding to your lover.

The hardest part about this reading is being in a state of mind to receive the answer. Usually, there is at least one area where a couple is having a hard time. But this spread can help you focus your energy in the right direction. Maybe you’ve been trying to connect on a physical level, in the bedroom perhaps, and even though your beloved seems happy, there is still a disconnect and you feel confused about what’s going wrong. 

After asking your psychic some questions you realize that you’re connecting great on a physical level but you’re not connecting as well on an emotional level. In this case, we would want to ask our partner if their needs, wants, and desires are being met and of course be open to the answer we get from them. If the response is “What!? What do you mean I don’t listen enough?!” our partner will of course shut down and the wound will then be more likely to fester than to heal. 

Only use this spread when you are ready to take your relationship to the next level of bliss. If you’re ready to hear what’s going wrong, you have then mastered how to make everything right. Knowing the answer to these questions can lead to having the relationship of your dreams.

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