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Published Date 11/4/2015
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It's not easy to speak your true feelings!

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Your emotions are what drive your every move in life.  When you feel something is good and you feel it strongly, it is a normal reaction to move forward in that direction because you feel it will be positive for you.  It is normal for you to follow what brings you feelings of happiness, love, and hope. 

You will enter certain relationships because of the same feelings. You are looking for a strong energetic connection, but also happiness, love, and hope! However, there is a tendency to hide your true feelings in these relationships because of fear. In most people, it is the fear of what your lover will think, or the fear of being hurt that holds you back. 

We Aren’t Mind Readers! 
Finishing thoughts or having the same thought at the same time does happen, but no one can read another person’s thoughts. If you do not voice your feelings, your partner will never know how you feel, and vice versa. Then you will always be nervous and anxious, constantly thinking about whether you should say something or not. Sigh….it’s a never ending thought process. Imagine how much better you would feel just speaking it, and letting it out.

Protecting Heartbreak?
Sometimes holding your true feelings in is a defense mechanism.  You feel that by not saying anything at all, you are protecting your heart from being hurt. However, the reality of it is, when you don’t say anything at all, and your partner doesn’t know how you feel, then you are hurting yourself.  Eventually your lover will be upset at not knowing, and a period of separation happens. Everything could have been avoided if you had just spit it out. You would not be beating yourself up right now if you had just said it. 

Speak Your True Feelings
Don’t ever be afraid to tell someone you love them! Whether you are falling in love and it’s the beautiful beginning in a new relationship, or you have been together forever and just had a heavy argument, don’t be afraid to speak the true feelings you feel deep down. 

“I may be mad at you, but that does not stop me from loving you,” can sometimes kill the tension after a heavy argument.
“I know we just met, but I feel a strong connection to you.” If you feel it, say it!! 
“This may be our third date, but I do feel like I am falling in love with you.” It lets your partner know you are interested and that you care. 

All relationships thrive off of love, happiness, and hope!

Remember, your feelings do not exist to anyone else, unless you choose to voice them! 

Many blessings! 

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