Honesty Above All - Don't Just Say What Others Want You To

Published Date 1/29/2017
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Surround yourself with people who speak honestly, whether or not you agree on every issue.

Life seems easier when you surround yourself with people who agree with you. While there’s value in collaborating with like-minded people, there are downsides, too. You limit your ability to experience other perspectives, which in turn hinders your growth. If you find your mindset evolving, you may be reluctant to speak honestly about it for fear of hurting your friends with whom you were in agreement. Ultimately, you need to value honesty in yourself and others above all rather than just saying what other people want you to say.

Creating an Echo Chamber

Many people filter their social media feeds so that they only see posts that reinforce their opinions and perspectives on life, religion, politics, and other areas. While you may feel good for a while in your echo chamber, you’ll suffer over time.

Benefiting From Other Perspectives

By merely reinforcing your own beliefs, you limit your opportunities to learn from new perspectives. From a practical standpoint, you won’t be as creative in life or on the job. If you only associate with people who think as you do, you’ll stifle yourself because your mind requires new experiences, people, and ideas to increase its creativity. Some of the best online psychics suggest jump-starting your creativity by meeting new people or visiting new countries.

Avoiding the Truth

One other danger that comes from surrounding yourself with like-minded people is a tendency to avoid the truth. Rather than facing harsh realities or facts that refute your way of thinking, you may lie to yourself and others. In the end, selective truth-seeking prevents you from addressing problems head on. You may find yourself in denial about a problem or situation until it becomes too big to ignore. If you’re surrounding yourself with people who only say what you want to hear, schedule a phone psychic reading to dig deeper into your tendency to avoid the truth.

Hindering Your Own Honesty

When you expect other people to tell you what you want to hear, it hinders your ability to speak honestly. You feel pressure to say what other people expect you to say as someone who shares his or her beliefs. Living a life in which you’re afraid to speak your mind creates stress and self-doubt. It also prevents others from trusting you because they know you say what you think will make them happy.

Moving Forward With Honesty

From this point forward, stop filtering the information you receive. Allow yourself to experience contrary viewpoints and to get to know people from other cultures and backgrounds. Next, give yourself permission to be honest about your own views and feelings. In being honest, you contribute to conversations on social media and in real life, making the dialogue richer. In turn, your contributions allow others to grow beyond their echo chambers.

Valuing honesty means making space for disagreements without being disagreeable and appreciating that people have different opinions on important matters.


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