Hold Off On Your First Date With These 3 Excuses

Published Date 10/16/2013
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Hold Off On Your First Date With These Excuses

There's nothing like hitting it off with a great guy, but after talking to him a little more, you might find that he isn't quite right for you - what do you do if you've already scheduled a date? You don't want to hurt his feelings, but you don't necessarily want to spend your evening with someone you're not interested in seeing in the future. That being said, there are a few ways you can cancel your date without making yourself look unreliable or shady. Take the following advice into consideration.

1. Be Honest
As Glamour magazine stated, honesty is often the best policy, especially when it comes to situations with people you don't know very well. This will take the guilt out of lying, and you can also gain appreciation and further respect from an individual if you tell the truth. Depending on why you want to cancel, lay it out for him plain and simple. Maybe it's just not working out and you don't feel any chemistry - tell him this before leading him on.

2. Say You Have A Previous Engagement
Specifically, say that you have a prior obligation with a special person in your life, whether it be your brother who needs you or an ailing parent. This can help you create a more convincing argument, according to eHarmony. Additionally, it doesn't shut out the potential for a date in the future if you change your mind about the man.

3. Say You're Swamped With Work
This is another excuse that can get you off the hook, and it might even be true! Let him know that you have too many other responsibilities at the moment - this should get him to back off. If you find that you want to reschedule your date, you can do so later on once you feel more comfortable with the situation.

It can be difficult to tell a white lie or let someone know you aren't interested. However, you might already know from our love psychics that now simply isn't the right time for you to get involved in a serious relationship. If you're worried about hurting the man's feelings, you can contact our psychic line for insight into how he really feels about the situation. In the end, you'll feel better about making this decision for your own personal interests.


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