His Side of Things: Should a Woman Make the First Move by Psychic Arthur

Published Date 5/1/2013
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In today's day and age, women and men are on an equal plane. But are you sure you want to make the first move?

In today's day and age, women and men are on an equal plane. But are you sure you want to make the first move?

In today’s aggressive world of dating one question still remains: Is it okay for women to make the first move? Magazines, books, eBooks, articles, television shows, and friends of friends all agree: “Of course she can! Call him! Ask him out. What are you waiting for? Hello… it’s 2013!

So fundamentally, if choosy moms (i.e. women) choose Jif, then they should also be able to choose the guy they want—and go for it, right? Well, sure. However, it’s imperative to proceed with caution.

It’s great that many women today want to take the relationship reigns and ask a guy out for the first time. But what they don’t realize is that by making the first move, they can easily fall into the cycle of always being the one to ask the guy out, in addition to always being responsible for moving things forward from that point on.

When it comes to dating, if a woman starts taking control of the situation, two things can happen. First, since she’s energetically taking on the traditional role of the man, she’ll need to find a guy who energetically equals that of the “chick in the relationship,” since most guys will simply walk away after a date or two. Second, when a man sees that a woman wants to take over, he may simply step back and let her do all the work (especially when it comes to communication and planning).

But don’t think that the guy is being lazy or taking advantage of her—far from it. Men want women to be happy, so if a woman wants to take control, he’ll let her. Also, since guys tend to focus on what's in front of them, if a woman wants to take charge, that’s just one less thing for him to worry about.

Yet, after a while, a woman starts complaining that she doesn’t know how a man feels about her since he never calls. Well, from a guy’s point of view, why should/would he? Every time she thinks of him his phone is magically going to ring.

So the moral of the story: Since the beginning of time, guys have loved to take care, take charge and provide for their woman. However, if a woman takes charge, the tables get turned, often plunging her into a cycle that’s not easy to end. Sure, the man may always say, “yes,” but if a woman truly wants to be pursued instead of doing the chasing, she’ll have to have faith that if a guy is genuinely likes her and is interested, he will ask her out.
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