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His Side of Things: Phones Are Not Weapons by Psychic Arthur

Date 4/2/2021
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Please don't turn your cell phone into a ticking time bomb!

Please don't turn your cell phone into a ticking time bomb!

Ever hear about the supermodel who launches her cell phone at her victims, using it like a weapon? Well, believe it or not, many women do the same things, but instead of tossing the phone, they toss words using the phone.

First of all, men use the phone for business and communication. They fall in love with their eyes. Women, on the other hand, use the phone for communication, but also as an important social tool. Oh, and they fall in love through their ears.

Since women multi-task and can do a gazillion things at a time, they unfortunately expect the new guy they’re dating to do the same. So if a woman calls and he doesn’t answer or promptly return her calls, the once mild, classy woman turns into the psycho, crazy, serial-phone-calling chick! And guess what’s her favorite instrument of torture and revenge? That’s right, the phone!

The stages of transformation look something like this: 

Day One: Like toxic nerve gas, she calls the guy several times and leaves messages, as well as calling and hanging up (without leaving messages) several times in hopes that he sees she called.

Day Two: The same as Day One, but with more calls. She also adds text messaging from her deadly arsenal as a new form of ammunition.

Day Three: The same as Day Two, but with even more obsessive calls and text messages. She now tosses stalking all social media into the mix like lethal hand grenades.

Day Four: This is the day the guy usually answers the phone. He acts like nothing’s happened and never mentions why he didn’t answer or return her calls. She's paralyzed.

Basically, when a man stops answering his phone, he simply doesn’t want to talk. His phone works. He’s not in the hospital. He just doesn’t want to talk at that moment. Now, when a woman calls a guy 20 times in one day, in addition to endless voice and text messages, one thing is sure to happen. He’s not calling her back until he feels it’s safe. The only thing that’s happened is that the woman has portrayed herself as unstable. To top it off, she never even got the answers or responses she was hoping for!

So, the moral of the story: Before you start changing your life, compulsively eating, or starving yourself over a guy, LET GO! You can’t control a guy’s actions; you can only control your own. If you change how you react to the situation, things will get better. At the end of the day, it’s your peace of mind that really matters. The phone can be used as a weapon of mass destruction or as a magical device that can lead you to the relationship of your dreams—it’s up to you.

Ready to toss in the phone, I mean, towel… with a non-responsive guy? Give me a call and lets see what’s going on.
Author's Photo by Arthur x8237

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