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His Side of Things: Bad Boy vs. Nice Guy by Psychic Arthur

Date 4/2/2021
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Do you have a tendency to go after the bad boys?

Do you have a tendency to go after the bad boys?

If women really want nice guys, why do they chase after the bad boys?

Well, here’s the thing: while women may say they want the nice guy, they find tattoos, motorcycles, and defiant attitudes exciting and sexy. Plus, bad boys have confidence and never let anyone tell them what to do, which translates to most women to mean, “This guy’s going to take care of me.”

But ultimately, bad boys are selfish, immature, and incapable of giving women what they need. If they say they’re going to drop by or call, they don’t (unless it’s to borrow money). The only reliable thing about a bad boy is that they’re unpredictable, emotionally unavailable, and, nine times out of ten, unemployed. Dating a bad boy can be dangerous, but exciting - with lots of drama guaranteed.

To make matters worse, many women see dating the bad boy as “the challenge of a lifetime” to change him so he’s not “so bad” anymore. But that usually ends up being a disaster, since the last thing this guy wants to hear is: “I love you. You’re perfect. Change!”

Contrary to what most women believe, men do want successful relationships. However, when a guy gets the chance to date his “dream girl,” his enthusiasm and desire to “treat her like a princess” sometimes get in the way. Unfortunately, most women take being smothered with flowers, romantic dinners, and phone calls as a sign of desperation and/or lack of confidence.

Even if the nice guy “does things right,” he’s perceived as being boring and predictable. Why? The excitement has faded since the woman now has what she wants and doesn't need to chase the guy anymore. Eventually, she loses interest and starts looking for a challenging new guy to bring the excitement (aka drama) back into her life.

The nice guy, who’s left heartbroken and wondering what he did wrong, interprets the experience to mean: “You know what? Women really do want to be treated like crap!” However, that’s not what women really want. Okay, maybe some do, but they usually need therapy.

So the bottom-line? Women really don’t want the bad boy or the nice guy. Women want a good guy, or better yet, a good man, who has the excitement and passion of the bad boy, balanced with the stability and security of the nice guy. Every guy has the potential of becoming a good man, but it’s up to women to help the guys get there. But how?

That’s easy!

Women need to allow their man to assert his independence without feeling threatened or angry. For example, let him have his guy’s night out (without throwing a fit), don’t force him to see that chick flick, and don’t drag him to get a mani-pedi. He’s your man, not your girlfriend. Keep the sexual spark alive by letting him be a guy! And remember: a man can be confident, dominant, assertive, and a nice guy all wrapped up into one, as long as he’s allowed to be.

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