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His Side of Things: Are You Dating a Serial Cheater? by Psychic Arthur

Date 2/2/2023
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If he sounds and acts suspicious, you might want to be careful!

If he sounds and acts suspicious, you might want to be careful!

Mary’s just started dating Ronald. He’s fun, outgoing, and seems like a great guy. After a couple of dates, he confesses: “I’ve cheated on all my ex-girlfriends. Not only that, I cheated on my last girlfriend with the girlfriend before her. It was a weird time in my life. I just thought you should know.”

Okay then… what does this mean?

Well, I don’t think you need to be a psychic to figure out that he’s more or less warning Mary about his values: “I’m telling you right now, I’m an unapologetic cheater and I’m probably going to cheat on you. Probably? No. I am going to cheat on you.”

Yet, when feelings and emotions start getting involved people, like Mary, tend to only hear what they want to hear. In fact, many women would interpret Ronald’s statement to mean: “None of his exes have been good enough for him, let alone able to give him what he truly needs, but I know our situation is going to be different.”

By confessing, Ronald also knows Mary’s going to want to go the extra mile to prove he’s wrong. At the same time, if she questions him, he’ll do his best to persuade her to stay… and then cheat on her anyway.

Now, if that’s not bad enough, Ronald also admitted to cheating on his last girlfriend with the girlfriend before her because he was going through a “weird time in his life.”

In “man-speak” this translates to: “I don’t really have closure with my ex-girlfriends, I’ve cheated, but it’s not all my fault. I haven’t taken responsibility. Oh, and if things get “weird” again, I may go elsewhere. But I’ll come back.”

So, if you’re asking if Mary is deaf, dumb, and blind, she’s not. Many women, like Mary, will take a statement like Ronald’s in stride and judge the guy on his actions rather than his words. However, when actions start to reveal a lack of trust and respect, denial has a way of setting in.

At the same time, while we can all make mistakes when it comes to hearing or interpreting things, statements like Ronald’s shouldn’t be taken lightly—especially when it’s all wrapped up in a big red flag that’s being waved by a robot yelling: “Warning! Warning! Danger Will Robinson!”

The bottom line? If someone reveals how they have mistreated others in the past, and have not taken responsibility for their actions, it’s not a matter of “if” they will do it again, it’s a matter of “when” they will do it again. If you have someone like this in your life, proceed with caution, ask questions and/or back away and just “step away from the car.”

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Italianlady: It took me awhile to realize my husband was cheating (exhusband now). He would leave telltale signs /hints around the house for instance a matchbook . Instead of it layng on the table he would sit it up so I would notice it "brand new matchbook from Holiday inn. He would deny deny deny. It was let's go visit the grandkids etc. etc. It was a mess. He just could not tell me. or just leave. We lived together as though everything was ok we did things the same as usual He was alway with me. So where did he find the time? Well he was retired disability and I was still working "Apart Time".. The Clincher: He stated to me,,"You don't have to leave-you can stay here. I don't want you to leave. "BUT DON"T ASK ME ABOUT MY PERSONAL LIFE" That went right over my head..Huh!! Well after giving it much thought..(took me awhile.) Wait..I'm his Personal Life".I didn't hang around it hit me and my Heart like a ton of bricks. I knew what it meant.. After 23 yrs. of marriage Iwalked out and never looked back. I was so devastated.. This man was good to me.to my kids my parents, we did everything together sex was beyond anything else he was spontaneous and would make me laugh. I was so in Love with him.. We have been divorced 8 yrs now, never see him or care too.There are times he creeps into my thinking n thoughts.and I find myself missing him...I tried dating..but it's difficult because I'm always comparing. If I can;t find someone who meets his qualifications (minus the bad/infidelity) then I don't want anyone. This man Rocked My World.and then "turned it upside down." The hole in my heart is 99% closed. But the brain holds all the memories. I thought we would grow old together. I really n Truly believed he was my "Soulmate".. Thank For reading this.. Toni

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