Helping a Friend Emerge from an Unsafe Relationship

Published Date 9/10/2014
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Always be there for a friend in need.

Abuse takes many forms, from physical to mental and emotional, and watching your friend go through any type of abuse is difficult. You want to help her get out with minimal damage, but even broaching the subject is somewhat touchy. When your friend is in an unsafe relationship, you can help her see things more clearly and extricate herself without jeopardizing your relationship, you simply have to do it tactfully.

Make Sure You're Right

Are you sure your friend is in a bad relationship? You can't run in, guns blazing, without knowing all the facts. Your friend might confide in you, which will make knowing the truth easier. There are also signs that can point to abuse, such as:

  • Any sign of physical abuse, ranging from bruises to cuts, scrapes, and certain behavioral patterns
  • Your friend's significant other frequently embarrasses or humiliates her in public
  • Your friend is often put down or discouraged
  • Her significant other manipulates her into doing things
  • She's not allowed to see her friends and family very often, or at all
  • And she feels trapped, like she has to stay

Talk to Your Friend

If your friend doesn't come to you, then you need to talk to her, frankly and honestly. Let her know your concerns, but don't come at her in a combative or confrontational way. That will put her off and make her distance herself from you, which is exactly what you don't want.

Let her know that you're there for her, no matter what. Keep your conversations quiet, calm, and full of love. The most important thing you can do is let her know that she has support. Sometimes that's all it takes to tip the scales, and convince a person to leave an unhealthy relationship.

Talk to Someone Outside the Friendship

You can't always do something like this by yourself, so talk to someone outside of the situation. A live psychic can use his or her keen intuition and insight to help you come up with helpful strategies, so that you can help your friend as much as possible. Ask how you should broach the subject, what you should say, and how you should tailor your demeanor. You can also ask for advice concerning how to physically get your friend out of this situation.

Help Her Come Up with a Plan

In talking to a psychic, especially a love psychic, you can find out how best way to approach your friend. If you present evidence, for example, your psychic can coach you on how to do so—because again, it's crucial that you don't turn this into a confrontation.

Your approach needs to come across as loving. More importantly, you need to come equipped with a plan to get her out of the relationship. She might feel scared or trapped, so you can make sure that she has an exit strategy, or several.

You want the best for your friend, and that's totally understandable. Just make sure you do everything possible to make her feel secure, safe, and loved, so she feels strong enough to leave.


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