Help Your Sister Cope with Jealous in Her Relationship

Published Date 9/27/2013
Category: Love, Relationships & Family

Helping your sister cope with jealousy in a relationship

If your sister recently met a great man but he has the tendency to turn into a green-eyed monster, she might be hesitant about moving forward in her relationship. However, jealousy is a natural feeling that can come between people who care about each other.

There are certain levels of jealousy that can be tolerated and handled within a relationship. For example, your sister might want to tone down her flirting to appease her significant other or find out specifically what irks him.

Regardless, it's in her best interest to gauge her partner's jealousy and how it affects her life. If he's controlling or sets specific demands of her, it might be best for her to end the relationship, according to Focus On The Family (Canada) Association. Couples should be able to talk through their feelings, compromise and reach resolutions that work best for both people.

If your sister is conflicted on what to do about the situation, encourage her to speak to a psychic for more insight into her relationship. A love psychic reading can let her know if she's on the right path toward true romance or needs to move on.

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