Help Your Brother Bring Passion Back Into His Marriage

Published Date 9/26/2013
Category: Love, Relationships & Family

Helping your brother bring passion back into his marriage

After years of marriage, your brother might be feeling a little low about his relationship, especially if he doesn't feel the same passion that he once did with his wife - but what advice can you give him as he tackles this challenge in his marriage?

There are a couple of ways that married couples can bring the romance back into relationships without going to too much trouble. One tactic you might recommend is being more spontaneous. Getting stuck in a routine can quickly put a damper on any marriage. Encourage your brother and his wife to go out on a whim and spend more time together trying new things. recommends scheduling time for lovemaking as well, especially if it's fallen by the wayside as a result of jobs and kids. Tell your brother to make the most of the time he has with his wife - encourage intimacy and reconnecting on an affectionate level.

Finally, you may want to suggest a love psychic reading to your sibling if he isn't seeing an improvement in his marriage. A psychic can help him see the situation from his spouse's point of view and encourage him to tackle the issue together.

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