Healthy Compromise in a Relationship

Date 11/10/2020

Working together toward a compromise is always better than standing stubbornly apart with opposing viewpoints.

Working together toward a compromise is always better than standing stubbornly apart with opposing viewpoints.

Compromise is an essential part of any healthy relationship. Learning how to listen to and respect your partner's viewpoint is crucial to protecting that person's authentic self. Make sure you're pursuing compromise in a balanced manner so both partners feel cared for and heard.

Find Acceptance

Discontent in a relationship can begin when one person doesn't fully accept the other. It's important to recognize that no two individuals will agree on every issue, nor should they. You don't necessarily need your partner to change their opinions to match your own. Some situations simply require acceptance rather than a compromise. 

Make Sure Both Voices Are Heard

Compromise can only happen when both partners hear each other out. It's easy to focus on promoting your own opinion, but you must patiently listen to and consider what your partner is saying as well. If you're having trouble seeing the other side of the argument, speaking with a third party such as an online psychic may help. An impartial individual can help to reframe the situation from another angle. 

Identify Your Goal

Think about your ultimate goal for the situation. If you're trying to sway your partner to your way of thinking, examine why this is important. Is it really necessary to convince your partner to take a beach vacation with you if they don't enjoy the sun and sand? Would a compromise such as taking a beach vacation with a friend and a different trip with your partner be just as satisfying? 

If your goal is to have a good time, you don't want to force your partner into a trip they won't enjoy. Don't get so fixated on the rightness of your desires that you overlook what's important.

Check With Your Authenticity

A good compromise allows both parties to retain their authenticity. You should never have to sacrifice your beliefs or characteristics to suit someone else. If the compromise requires you to adopt a persona that isn't your own, it's not healthy. Checking in with a genuine psychic may help you determine whether the compromise is violating your authentic self.

Be Vigilant Against Stubbornness

Consider the fable of the two goats. These animals meet on a bridge that isn't wide enough for two to pass. Rather than step aside and take turns, they lock horns and ultimately fall into the chasm below. Like these goats, you can encounter great misfortune through stubbornness. Think carefully about what will be lost if you refuse to yield and decide whether protecting the perceived rightness of your opinion is worth it.

Mastering the art of compromise is a skill that will serve you well in all areas of your life. Determine what's really important and hold to those values and beliefs. Soften your stance on matters of less importance, and always keep your greater goals in mind. Nurturing your relationship and allowing your partner their authenticity is often more important than refusing to yield on your standpoint.


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