Healing Relationships Using Heart Chakra Meditations by Psychic Minerva

Published Date 7/20/2019
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Meditation can help unblock your heart chakra.

Meditation can help unblock your heart chakra.

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The chakra system consists of various energy centers that facilitate our ability to function and manifest goals. When it comes to relationships, the 4th chakra, also known as the heart chakra, is the energy center that creates connections between individuals.

Many folks struggle with relationship issues, either they are involved with those who are emotionally unavailable or lack the ability to trust enough to love deeply. Since many of us have encountered painful relationships, the energy center is often closed down, preventing both good and bad connections. Sadly, because of emotional scars, we often are closed when it comes to receiving and giving love to individuals who are worthy of us.  

Meditation for Unblocking your Heart Chakra
To establish good loving connections, we need to release the blocks in the 4th chakra and to help you begin the journey to emotional healing try the following meditation and do it as often as needed:

Find a quiet place where you would be disturbed. 

Closing your eyes, imagine yourself surrounded by a white protective light. 

While you are safely encased in the energy of the white light, focus your attention in the middle of your chest.  

Take a minute to think about all the things you are most afraid when it comes to connecting to others.  

As you think of the fears, image them all coming out your chest like a cloud of smoke. 

Let all the smoke come out your chest, making your chest feel light and clear. Become aware of how light your chest feels as you begin to let go. 

Now imagine a pink light infusing your chest with joy and peace. 

As your chest becomes filled with pink light, feel it become joyous and light-hearted. Now imagine the light beaming outward and connecting to the universe’s divine energy and creating a bridge.  

As you connect to the divine energy, feel the energy of love infusing you. 

Allow yourself to keep the energy going back and forth between you and the universe and when you feel. 

When you feel ready, disconnect from the activity, knowing this connection is ongoing.  

Slowly focus on your entire body. 

Allow the pink light to rest inside your chest.  

Then focus on your outer body and the protective white light. 

Sit quietly for a few minutes and think about the process. 

When you are ready, open your eyes.

The exercise is designed to help shape your views love and how to tap into its vibrations. Keep in mind you do not need a specific partner to enjoy the energy of love because it is a vibration that surrounds us and its always waiting for us to recognize it. 

Know that you are loved, and that love surrounds your inner and outer world. Understand that love is a vibration that exists inside and outside your physical reality.

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