He Wants Children, I Don't. What Do We Do?

Date 1/23/2023
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What to do when he wants kids and you don't

What to do when he wants kids and you don't

You're dating a great guy and you can see a future together. Even your love psychic foretells a rosy future. There's just one problem. You don't see motherhood as part of your future and your man wants kids. What do you do? This is a difficult situation that can break a relationship. Here's how to proceed in a situation like this.

Remove Society's Expectations

Society tends to pressure people into having children. It's expected that children automatically follow marriage. Because this formula has been passed down over the centuries, many just assume they will have kids. Ask your partner to give it some deep thought and question why he wants kids. Perhaps he never really thought about this and would be OK either way.

Check in With Your True Feelings

There are many reasons someone chooses not to have a child. What are yours? If you're still young, why do you feel so strongly that you don't want children in the future? Is it a financial reason, or fear of losing your freedom? Are you afraid you won't be a good parent? A clairvoyant reading can delve deeper into your true feelings about this issue. Analyze your reasons and let him know if you're open to reassessing your decision.

Try to Work Through It

There's no denying this is a tricky issue. You may feel you don't want to deny him children and end the relationship. Before you take a drastic step, see if you can work through it. If you already have children, would enjoying stepchildren be enough to satisfy him? For many men and women who don't have children of their own, being a stepparent is just as rewarding. If you're struggling to reach a solution, try seeking professional help.

Give Him Time to Think About It

A major life decision such as choosing not to get married or not to have children is not something someone decides on a whim. If you are resolute, let him know it's non-negotiable and give him time to think about. He may surprise you and decide that it's a choice he can live with. Many childless couples enjoy a fulfilling life filled with love, fun activities, and travel.

End the Relationship

If you've worked through it as best you can and you're still at an impasse, you may have no other choice but to end it. If he really can't accept your decision and you feel strongly you don't want to rob him of a chance at fatherhood, then it's time to call it quits. It's a difficult decision, but ending it is better than marrying the person and risk him resenting you for the rest of your life.

Often the outcome in a situation like this is determined by the strength of the relationship. If the strength of the partnership is not enough to keep you two together, it's best to go your separate ways. If, however, you can see a rich life together regardless, it's worth staying in the relationship.

But what if the opposite is true and You Want Children and He Doesn't? 

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