Have You Met Your Soul Mate? by Psychic Lalita

Published Date 11/19/2013
Category: Love, Relationships & Family

It's an amazing feeling when you've found your soul mate.

It’s not always easy to know if we’re connected to the one truly meant for us. 

We often think our soul mate is going to be or supposed to be the person we first marry or the first one we fall blindly in love with. But in this world, we don’t always connect to our true soul mate when we expect it and it’s not always the person we believe it will be (granted we do meet certain people for a reason). 

Sometimes we have to go through many people and experiences to prove to ourselves that the Universe brings two energies together that are meant for one another. The rest is something left up to us to work on.

But this doesn’t mean it’ll be a piece of cake when you’re finally with your soul mate. When we do finally connect to the mate we’re meant to be with it, it takes work to make sure the relationship is benefitting both parties. Each must be willing to fight for the other. Where there is equality, there’s great passion. 

It’s both wonderful and scary to know how serious someone takes us when we truly have someone proud to claim us as their own. It can be tough when dealing with the ego, whether it be our own or theirs. 

The scariness of self-realization comes out during fights or arguments. It’s never easy to learn the truth about ourselves and the habits we need to correct. It’s also tough to bring this attention to our soul mates. 

The greatest pleasures with our true soul-mates are indescribable. The passion is powerful and equal, which makes the effort very well worth it.  Our soul mate isn’t just another person we’re used to being around—they’re very unique, one of a kind individuals.

There will be many firsts for both parties and the past doesn’t matter at this point. It’s the first real LOVE relationship for both and will be the one those surrounding wish they had!
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