Halloween Pranks To Try On Your Partner

Published Date 10/16/2017
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A harmless Halloween prank can be a fun way to celebrate this spooky day!

Halloween is a time for tricks and treats, but not just for children - this holiday can be celebrated by adults, too! If you and your significant other have a fun, casual relationship full of plenty of joking, there's no better time to pull a prank than Halloween! Could you pull any of these ideas off on All Hallows Eve?

Take The Batteries Out Of Your Remote

The first thing your man might do right when he gets home from work is sit down on the couch and watch television. What better way to prank him than messing with the remote control? Remove the batteries and watch as confusion sets in. This can be a simple way to get some amusement out of your partner, according to My Lifetime.

Unplug The Computer

This is another tactic that can bring a certain amount of amusement to you, and all you have to do is unplug the computer! Just make sure that he doesn't see the lingering cord out of the socket, and he'll be completely baffled when he goes to turn on the computer.

Replace His Deodorant

Before you use this trick, make sure that your man can really take a joke! MSN recommended scooping a bit out of his deodorant and replacing it with cream cheese. Once he swipes it on, he'll have no idea what the problem is - unless he chooses to taste it, of course. Just keep in mind that after a big trick like this, he might be intent on getting you back!

Pretend He Forgot A Big Date

Want to give him a real scare this Halloween? Pretend that he forgot your anniversary, or another big milestone in your relationship. You'll have him sweating bullets by the time the trick is over with and you reveal the joke.

If your relationship is new and you aren't sure how comfortable your partner is with jokes, contact our psychic line. Our love psychics can give you better insight into your man's attitude, as well as how well he can take a prank. This information can help you prepare for the worst if your joke goes awry.


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