Guidelines on How to Fight Fair by Psychic Adele

Published Date 3/18/2019
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Listening to one another is important to avoid arguments.

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It would be nice if everyone just saw eye-to-eye and agreed on everything, but the reality is… disagreements are a part of human interaction. It is often unpleasant, but since people are run by emotions, arguments will be a given when it comes to relationships. 

Very few people have mastered the art of arguing. It is a great skill, one that can help avoid unnecessary heartache, breakups and overall suffering with your loved ones. There are a few key points to remember before engaging in a fruitful argument, especially with a loved one.

Is it worth your while to be right? 
The majority of arguments people engage in are based on petty matters. Before launching into a tirade, ask yourself if doing so is worth the pain you are about to inflict on someone. Much of the time it is better to let go of the winning position if the point of contention is minor.

Choose your battles carefully.
It is too easy to jump at the chance to be right but consider what it is you are fighting for. This means you have to know what is truly important to you.

Use valid, constructive and respectful language. 
In the heat of the moment, arguments can become messy affairs, where mud-slinging and accusations obscure the point of the whole discussion. Make your point and your intentions clear, and as much as possible keep your anger in check.

Be ready to apologize, even if you haven't done anything wrong. 
This is difficult for most people, but apologies are your lifeline to contain the damage made during arguments. Practicing saying “you’re sorry” makes it much easier to do it and will open the doors to communication.

Listen to the other person's point of view, even if you don't agree. 
Objectivity is your tool to gain valuable insight from those you disagree with. Ask yourself if the other party has a valid point. Oftentimes one's ego gets too hurt to even hear what other people are saying. You have to learn to let go of your position. Remember that each person has something valuable to contribute.

None of these tips will prevent disagreements and arguments from happening all the time, but hopefully they help you understand them better to help avoid the headaches and heartaches that can come as a result.  If you are still having difficulty dealing with an unpleasant situation, a call to a gifted psychic advisor can help shed new light on the subject.

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