Get Yourself Out of the 'Drama Triangle'

Date 7/19/2020

Are you feeling overwhelmed and trapped in the drama triangle?

Are you feeling overwhelmed and trapped in the drama triangle?

The Drama Triangle is a phenomenon that was first defined by Dr. Stephen Karpman in the 1960s. It describes three common roles that people tend to fall into which are ultimately destructive to our mental health and well-being. While you may favor one role, you've likely fallen into — and suffered from — all three. Learn how to spot the Drama Triangle and transform it into something better.

Understanding the Drama Triangle

In the Drama Triangle, there are three roles: Victim, Rescuer, and Persecutor. These play off each other in a painful cycle. The Victim blames the Persecutor for their problems and seeks a Rescuer to pull them out of their misery. The Rescuer makes a show of helping Victims, but really feels put upon by the responsibility. This sense of unfairness causes the angry Persecutor to come out, resentful of being a Rescuer and frustrated with the needs of the Victim.

Recognizing Your Role

You probably play different roles in the Drama Triangle at different times. The first step to escaping is recognizing which role you're in. Speaking with an online psychic may help you see your own place in the triangle more clearly.

Transforming With The Empowerment Dynamic

Once you've recognized where you are in the cycle, you can begin the process of stepping beyond that role into a healthier dynamic. The Drama Triangle is externally focused with little or no introspection and self-help. In 2005, David Emerald Womeldorff developed a healthy alternative to the Drama Triangle, called The Empowerment Dynamic (TED). This restructures each of the roles.

Turn Victimhood Into Creation

TED replaces the Victim with the Creator. Instead of feeling like circumstances happen to you, make a purposeful decision to control what's going on. Set your intention, tap into your inner power, and make things happen. You may consult with an authentic psychic for help seeing the map, but you won't rely on others to chart your course. Take charge of your own path and create the life you want.

Change the Persecutor to the Challenger

The Challenger strives to turn Victims into Creators. Instead of persecuting them for being needy, transform into a Challenger who encourages Victims to pursue self-growth. Replace insults with compliments. Focus on building people up when you see that they're struggling instead of putting them down.

Stop Rescuing, Start Coaching

Challengers can evolve easily into Coaches. The Coach role replaces the Rescuer. Rather than taking care of the problem for the Victim, a Coach helps the Creator counterpart achieve his or her goals. Coaches teach others to solve their own problems rather than simply solving them outright.

Step out of the Drama Triangle and into the TED mindset. This puts you in control of your fate and releases you from the cycle of obligation and resentment that you can feel if you're sucked into a cycle of doing for and relying on others. Let go of drama and pursue the power of self-care and improvement instead.


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