Friends Are the Family YOU Choose by Psychic Serena

Date 1/27/2013

The bonds of true friendship run deep

The bonds of true friendship run deep

It is believed by some that the soul chooses the family it is born into, but sometimes, we wonder if there were a mix-up somewhere. What if the family you were born into, just doesn’t feel right, but the friends you have made, over the years, feel a lot closer?  Perhaps your biological family relationships are distant or strained, but with your closest friends, you feel you are home when you are together. Maybe your mother-in-law feels like the Mom you wished you had, or a close friend feels more like a brother or sister than your actual brother or sister. This happens a lot. No need to feel guilty about it.

On a  psychic level, our souls return, over and over. Even though the body may leave, the soul never does. Sometimes during  a reading I pick up that  there is a past life connection with a close friend, and this helps explain the depth of your connection. Sometimes the close connections you form in this lifetime will carry forward to the next.

Friends offer a place you can go, no matter what has happened, and they will take you in.  It feels like a haven of rest, a sanctuary of peace and unconditional acceptance. This place offers comfort in grief, pleasure and laughter, and kindness without advice.  A true friend lends a listening ear and encouragement in our life.  Friends celebrate, contribute, share, cooperate and accept responsibility for the good of the “friendship.”  There is a natural balancing instead of a self-centered, “what did you do for me today” equation. Rather, the relationship offers a feeling of protection and love, like a deeply rooted tree, with branches of different energy, receiving strength from an Infinite source.

Sometimes, in contrast to what we value in our friendships, we find ourselves with families that seem to thrive as places to gossip, judge, and find fault. These are all negative energetic forces, that pull down the feeling of joy and vibration. Do not find a reason to find fault.  When you are with them, practice the discipline of good communication, even if they don't. Starting a sentence with the word, “you” is not healthy, rather, start with the words, “I feel”, or, “what I am getting is, you feel that.”  Acknowledge the feelings of others without feeling that you have to make it right; you can't change them.  It is what it is. When you feel like your “born” family does not resonate on your energetic level, bless them and let them go -- in your heart.  

If you have not found your haven of rest, that place of peace, and most of all unconditional love, start with giving it to yourself. Drink lots of water, eat balanced, healthy meals, and practice self-acceptance, with no judgment.  There are many ways to do this, and I can help!  I will teach you how to raise your vibration and bring your life into balance, no matter what your family situation.

Always remember, “If it is to be, it’s up to me.”

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