Finding Time For a "Mom Break" by Psychic Ben

Date 5/12/2013

A small break can go a long way -- and you deserve it!

A small break can go a long way -- and you deserve it!

Being a mother has always been a tough job. It was rough enough when a mom had to handle the kids, the home, and the husband (all of which demanded special attention). Today, moms usually have a job of their own and still have to juggle everything their moms had to do! Add to that the list of activities kids do these days that require mom’s taxi. You can see why so many mothers are running right to the edge of their last nerves. And single moms are going at an even crazier pace. As the saying was when I was a kid, “Calgon, take me away.” These days, a soothing bubble bath is an extravagant abuse of time.

So maybe a hot, sudsy soak in the tub with a glass of wine and a good book might not fit into your schedule more than once or twice a year (if that)!  But that doesn’t mean you can’t find little moments in every day for yourself. It may be five or ten minutes here and there, but you can make them count.

1. Look for some quiet places along your commutes. Look for the parks in your areas. They might be little ones that are a block wide in the middle of the city. They could also be something more expansive with trails to explore. This is a good chance to stretch your body and your mind by looking for all of the hidden things to discover along every path.

2. Stop off at a library. Just looking at books can be relaxing, even if you don’t take anything home. Try a non-fiction category that you haven’t considered to be interesting in the past. Browse for the sheer pleasure of having no goals to meet for just a few minutes.

3. Go to a mall to people watch. I'm sure that this sounds like the most brainless thing possible. That’s the point! You need to get away from your life for a few minutes. Watching other people live their lives is one way to do it. Grab a coffee and a seat and let the world entertain you for a little while.

The idea behind all of this is to find a few minutes every day when you can step away from the frenzy of your life and take a break from being a mom. You deserve it more than you will ever know!
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