Finding Quiet in the Chaos: How to Create a Relaxing Retreat in a Busy Home

Published Date 7/25/2016
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A quiet corner of the yard can become a rejuvenating retreat.

With work, family, and other commitments constantly pulling at your attention, it’s not always easy to quiet your mind and find a few moments of calm. Create a quiet retreat from the chaos by setting aside a special place in your home for relaxation. You can set aside a purposeful retreat in any size home.

Designate a Special Area

You don’t need an unused room to create a special retreat. You can use something as small as a corner. Try picking a well-removed spot in the yard, or an unused area of your home office. If space is at a premium in your home, see if you can clear off the floor in a closet. As long as you can make enough room to sit down, your special space can become a rejuvenating retreat.

Set Rules

Let your family know that they cannot disturb you when you’re in your quiet space. If you have small children, hang up a red light when you’re retreating to your relaxation space. Make it clear that only real emergencies should interrupt your time here so you can rely on undisturbed silence when you’re in this space.

Make it Cozy

If your retreat is large enough for a chair, pick one that you can sit in for several still moments without becoming uncomfortable. Add cushions if needed to make it soft and welcoming. If you’re using the floor, keep a special stash of blankets and pillows nearby so you can get cozy on the floor. If there’s a draft, keep a shawl nearby. If it’s hot, add a fan. Make your retreat as comfortable as possible.

Add Meaningful Items

Keep a small box in your retreat with meaningful items that will help you relax and unwind. This may include a favorite picture, worry stones, a book of quotes, soothing music, or prayer beads. If you know how to use tarot cards, you can keep these here for focused readings while you’re enjoying your escape. You can also find tarot card readers online who will do this for you.

Develop a Routine

Once you’ve made the effort to seek your retreat, it’s helpful if you have some idea of what you want to do there. Quietly meditating is one excellent option. If you have trouble quieting your mind to this extent, try journaling. You may also find this an excellent time for a psychic telephone reading. After you finish the reading, you can take a few more moments in your special space to write down what you learned or meditate on the information.

Creating a quiet retreat is supremely beneficial for your mental and emotional health. We all need time to step back from the stressors of everyday life and recharge our batteries. Your special space will give you a designated area to do just that.


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