Finding Love - Part 1: The Soulmate Myth by Psychic Shoshanna

Published Date 8/8/2017
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Have you found your soulmate? Or is it all a myth?

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Many of us dream of that perfect someone, the ideal mate with whom there is compatibility, passion and romance with little or no conflict. Many relationships start off this way until challenges arise, throwing them off track. The risk one takes with this ideal mate is that when we have our differences and misunderstandings, we tend to find that person falls short of the expectations we had projected onto them in the first place, whereupon we become disillusioned. 

This isn't the person I thought he/she was when we first met and became involved. Well yes, in a manner of speaking, they are and always have been. It's just that in the early stages of courtship, we revel in those romantic feelings of being in love where we feel that excitement whenever we see their name light up on our cell phone or drive up our driveway. 

But as time passes and we spend more time with them we may start to think and act in ways that can essentially hurt the relationship. Thus, lies The Soulmate Myth… that the relationship will be the perfect fairytale with little or no conflict. 

The reality is there are challenges in all relationships. This doesn't necessarily mean the relationship is nearing its end, but rather an opportunity for a lesson in communication and conflict resolution.

So how do I know if I'm with my soulmate?

You are with your soulmate when…
  • You are on a similar path and support one another's personal and spiritual growth.
  • You trust one another even through the challenges. Without trust, the relationship will falter. 
  • You share common interests, yet you are autonomous. You love attending spectator sporting events together. One of you loves camping, the other one doesn't. So, while he goes fishing with the guys for a weekend, you enjoy a girl’s night out on the town. 
  • You acknowledge them when they have succeeded and support them through their struggles. 
  • You accept them for who they are and focus on their positive attributes rather than their shortcomings. 
  • You don't try to change them to suit your expectations of who you want them to be. 
  • And finally, you like the way you feel about yourself when you are with him/her. 

Love Starts from Within. 
If you have peace of mind within yourself, your partner will tap into your self-love, which will reflect back to them. That reflection of self-love is what makes for a true soul connection.  I leave you with this final thought…

“If you want to have the kind of relationship that your heart yearns for, you have to create it. You can't depend on somebody else creating it for you.”
 -  Gary Zukav

Please return next week for Part 2 of my 3-part series on Love titled “Authentic Relationships.”
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