Find Out if You're Being Catfished

Published Date 5/19/2019
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Do you know the warning signs of catfishing?

From creating the perfect profile to sorting through potential matches to deciding when to meet in person, online dating can be stressful. Even when you’ve put in the time to create an honest profile, however, keep in mind that not everyone is quite as trustworthy. Get to know the warning signs of catfishing, and learn how to find worthwhile relationships online.

The Basics of Catfishing

No matter if they’re online or interacting in real time, some people love to invent personas for themselves. While this isn’t unique to dating websites, these outlets do offer a convenient portal for those who want to blur the lines between perception and reality.

Essentially, catfishing happens when online dating users don’t end up being who they say they are. In some cases, users can create elaborate personas and string potential partners along for weeks, months, or years before revealing their true identities.

Why Some People Fall for It

Some catfishing personas are easy to spot, while others fly under the radar. Regardless of how well the catfish has pulled off the false persona, however, some people fall for the phony profiles much more easily than others.

In some cases, catfish can be incredibly flattering. If you’re susceptible to compliments and personalized attention, it’s easy to see how a catfish can win you over. In other cases, you might find what seems like an ideal match for you. Even if the persona sounds a little unbelievable, if you think you’ve made a great connection, you might be willing to fall for a profile that seems slightly off.

Catfishing Warning Signs

Whether you’re worried about encountering a catfish for the first time or you’ve already experienced the emotional roller coaster, there are several signs you’ve met a catfish. Keep an eye out for personas that seem too good to be true, since they usually are. Stay on the lookout for people who claim to have a surprisingly wide range of interests, since they’re often just casting a wide net. Stay away from people who claim to be serious about you even though you just met a few days or weeks ago, since this should make you suspicious.

If you keep getting snared by catfish, try stepping back and reassessing your dating strategy. A psychic love reading can help you identify what you need in a relationship and how to find it in a healthier manner.

How to Identify a Trustworthy Partner

Finding a trustworthy partner online can be tough, but it’s not impossible. First, use a search engine to look up your potential partner and determine whether the details match up. Next, get as many personal details as possible, and make sure they match up. If you’re still not sure whether you’ve met a catfish, be careful not to reveal too much about yourself or share photos you wouldn’t want to see all over the Internet.

If you’re still not sure, a live psychic chat can help. With their finely tuned intuition and their intimate knowledge of how people interact, psychics can often identify a catfish from a mile away.

Looking for love online isn’t always easy. Increase your chances of finding a lasting relationship by knowing how to identify the signs of catfishing.


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