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Published Date 2/16/2019

Learning to love yourself will help improve your energy.

Learning to love yourself will help improve your energy.

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It might seem to us that destiny will take care of all the details of how love comes to us. In fact, it takes our free will aligning with our destiny to seal the deal.
When you want to attract a love partner into your life, consider the field of energy you generate, which surrounds and contains you.

Is it fraught with fears, doubts and reoccurring negative relationship patterns?

Are you believing something about yourself that isn’t true that continues to be reflected back to you by your life’s experiences?

You might want to understand what you energetically emit to begin to solve your emotional dilemmas, and see how they’re restricting your hopes and dreams. This will ultimately allow you to experience yourself in a manner more befitting your authentically loved self.  You can begin by taking some time to discern what has initially created this stagnant state of being.

Ask yourself these three questions: 

1) What family- of-origin experiences have negatively impacted my self-worth? 

2) Which of those continue to build upon themselves, leaving me hopeless and afraid life might never change? 

3) What patterns of behavior continue to show up for me? 

From this inquiry you can recognize the deeper truths of yourself, while releasing those that are false and restrictive and realizing new ways of being in your life.

As you proceed on the journey in and through yourself to who you authentically are, you will understand that YOU ARE LOVE ITSELF. Then you will expand your self-vision to reflect the true you.

And as you are evolving in self-love, something beautiful will happen because you’re broadcasting a frequency that’s open, intriguing, and alluring. It’s as if all the weight of negative emotions have lifted from you, leaving you freed up and raised with an entirely new perspective.  This expansive view is your newly renovated loved-self that will emanate your Field Of Love.

If you wish to be available for love, I, or another advisor, would be honored to guide you.

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Moonlight72: I had Pearl as my psychic and I am likely to use her again. However, I am very upset about the breakup with my boyfriend, it was all my fault, now he wont have anything to do with me and does not read my Emails and deletes them. He is now looking for another and I have been crying a lot. I am really scared of not getting him back. I really said horrible things and why I did that I do not know. He was arrangements to meet me by coming to my home to pick me up and then I wrote those horrible Emails. He is what I really want and he was very sincere and he said has first date would be his last date and had I not messed things up I would have been that person. I would very much to have him back, He is very stubborn and does not seem to change his mind. I pray that God will soften his heart and the feelings he had for me when we were making plans will return and I will get him back. I do miss him and I cannot seem to go on without him in my life. He was exactly the person I have been looking for many years. I need help and Pearl has given me some advise, wait to see if he contacts me and I should not contact him again. That makes sense since he deletes my Emails unread. I guess by doing so he is telling me that he is no longer interested in me. I am scared. Barbara

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