Fascinating Things You Can Learn about Your Past Life

Date 4/23/2020
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Explore your past to discover your future.

Explore your past to discover your future.

Have you ever considered your past life, or lives? If you've ever experienced déjà vu or met someone you're sure you've known before, you may actually be experiencing details—and proof—of your past life. Visiting a regressionist can help you come to terms with these strange, exhilarating feelings and learn about who you may have been in another life.

Do You Déjà Vu?

Nearly everyone experiences déjà vu at one moment or another. If you experience it often, your psyche is probably trying to tell you something. Déjà vu is that strange feeling you get when you feel like you're remembering a moment that's happening in real-time. You're sure you've lived it before and you can't explain why. It's strange, disconcerting, and thrilling. It's also a key sign that you're somehow remembering a past life.

Describe these feelings when you get your past life reading. Your regressionist can explain the reasons why you're experiencing this, and explore possible causes. If you decide to take it further, you can also go back and explore any or all of your past lives.

The Reason Behind Rich Dreams

This doesn't mean that you dream of wealth, it simply means that you have very vivid dreams that seem more like memories. That being said, you can also experience lifelike nightmares. These dreams go beyond the somewhat realistic aspect of lucid dreams. They suggest that you're reliving memories as you sleep, memories so deep that you can barely remember them during your waking hours.

The Existence of a Soul Mate

In the course of past life regression, you may even discover the existence of a soul mate. You might have a true love with whom you've been connected lifetime after lifetime. It isn't necessarily a romantic partner, either. Your connections may reach out to your mother, your best friend, a former flame, or anyone else with whom you have an unbreakable bond. But, yes, you could also discover that your once-in-a-lifetime partner is out there somewhere, and that you've been together before.

Explanations for Inexplicable Memories

Do you remember things you have no earthly business remembering? Similar to déjà vu, inexplicable memories can certainly point to a past life. If you have memories of things that never happened in this life, it's confusing and disconcerting—but it's also eye-opening. Authentic psychic readings can help you come to terms with this as well, and they can pinpoint just what you're remembering.

The Meaning Behind Strong Passions

Are you excellent at drawing even though you've never taken a lesson? Are you irrevocably drawn to French language, culture, and history? Particularly strong passions are also suggestive of past lives, especially if you can think of no reason for them. It's one thing to take a trip to Florence and become inspired by the culture or the art, but quite another to feel drawn there because you remember it.

It's possible that you've lived through many lives before, and all your former memories are just waiting to emerge. Wouldn't you like to know about your past?


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