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Family Lineage Cleaning Podcast by Psychic Gaia

Date 1/31/2023
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The energy from ancestral wounds can cast ripples into the present day. In this podcast, psychic Gaia will guide you through a meditation designed to help elevate ancestral energy and heal family karmic wounds.

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By Psychic Gaia x3559

A Family Lineage Clearing is a powerful guided meditation used to clear outmoded belief systems and expectations that have been passed down to us generationally throughout ancestral bloodlines and all life experiences. We carry these memories and programs in our DNA. This is also known as cellular memory. We have biological DNA and etheric DNA. Etheric DNA vibrates at a frequency that we are not typically able to see. Regardless, they both contain a tremendous amount of information. Physical DNA houses all of the information stored from lives on Earth. Etheric DNA carries information from all lives our Soul has ever manifested. 

An Energy Clearing Practice for Body, Mind, and Soul

Through conscious awareness and intent, we have the ability to delete these programs from our biological and etheric hard drives. By relaxing our body, mind, and spirit and focusing on the desired outcome, energy must follow thought. We have more power over our body, mind, and spirit than we were ever taught. Currently, people are able to clear genes from DNA energetically. People are even regrowing organs through conscious intent and energy work. These staggering accomplishments are being scientifically documented.  We live in miraculous times. The more information we share the more power we reclaim in our lives. 

 Traumatic historic events, belief systems, and memories are recorded in our DNA and act like an underground program dictating the lives we experience. Things like slavery, The Holocaust, wars, famines, plagues, massacres, political overthrows, etc. are all fair game. We can make a blanket statement for clearing outmoded beliefs, memories & ancestral traumas, but the more specific you can get, the more effective the clearing will be. 

Starting Your Family Lineage Clearing Meditation

Review your life for conditions that you are most displeased by. Then ponder what family baggage or historic events could possibly generate these patterns today. Consider race, religion, geography, socioeconomic status, health issues, and historic events your Ancestors likely experienced.  Don't forget to include your current life, past heartbreaks, and childhood experiences as you ponder these things. Then bring this information to the podcast recording and experience a life-changing meditation and clearing. 

Life on Earth is a soul's journey of expansion. Reclaiming our power and our wholeness and operating from love are the names of the game. Consciously taking charge of our life is our birthright. By doing so, we can energetically free up space and energy to create the life we desire instead of the ones that have been handed down to us. When you clear away the negative energy of the past and protect your energy in the present, you amplify your power. Get ready to transform your world!


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