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Facing Cheating

Date 8/7/2019

Coming Face to Face with Cheating

Coming face to face with cheating can be one of the most devastating emotional experiences in a relationship. In the aftermath of discovery, it's easy to rush to conclusions, but getting to the root of what's really going on can shed light on key life lessons that need to be learned. Cheating is almost always a symptom of a larger problem.  

Why do people cheat?
Researchers who have studied why partners cheat have identified common patterns --sex, emotional connection and love-- none of which come as a surprise. Other reasons include "revenge sex," curiosity, and boredom. Attitudes, personality, risk taking, power and opportunity can also play a role in the decision to cheat. But it's not until we dig into the psychic side that the some of the more interesting and unusual causes emerge. 
What can a psychic tell you about cheating?
A psychic can usually see right away if a partner is being unfaithful, and depending on the questions and circumstances of the reading, share this information with you if asked or directed to do so. Bear in mind that cheating is not always what it seems to be on the surface, and intuitive Advisors, gifted and trained to see into the depths of the soul, are able to help you face cheating with unique information of a more spiritual nature.  By looking into the Book of Life, delving into Astrology or Numerology, or tapping into their multi-sensory gifts, an Advisor can tell you if the cheating was due to a karmic debt or even a soul mate relationship from a past life. More importantly, a psychic can help you face cheating and its aftermath with a Divine wisdom and grace that moves you forward. 


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