Exploring the Power of First Love by Psychic Stasch

Date 2/3/2018

First impressions can be lasting ones!

First impressions can be lasting ones!

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Why is first love so memorable? Namely because powerful emotions define it. Excitement, passion, desire, chance-taking, and the rush of exploring something new, all combine to create a unique experience. It is that initial taste of the most elusive and most blatant part of humanity that can shock, amaze and delight. This can end in swift heartbreak or continue for long-term commitment.

Because of this, the price of love is high. With so much risk and so little experience, the result can be a disaster or a wonderful world of eternal happiness. For a rare lucky few, a crush in youth can become a bride or groom. For most, it will be a passing memory; the result of a child’s decision leading to adult responsibility. And for some, it is best left buried deeply in the past.
That very first love is also a gateway. It’s the dividing line between childhood and adulthood, where one crosses and can never go back. In one act, your perspective of the world and life itself is forever altered. Once you enter the house of love, you cannot return to innocence. This is complicated because first impressions can be lasting ones. The imprint of first love can be so strong that every following one is measured against it, causing it to become the format for the future with little room for deviation.

Just as first love is a rush of new feelings, the wonder of love is not the exclusive terrain of the young. As lives change in a world in constant flux, situations and circumstances can lead to the search for a new companion later in life. By choice, or the unexpected, plans can and do change. When they do, one enters the world of dating in a digital age.
Technology has in some ways made meeting people easier. In another it has made it more difficult for those who find computers and smart phones complex and frustrating. However, even when love comes for an encore, that does not mean it has lost any of its excitement, fear, anxiety or joy the second time around. In many ways, experience, self-knowledge and realistic expectations can make it as enjoyable, or even more so, than that first time.

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