Expectations in Love: Discover What Your Astrology Sign Says About You by Psychic Suzi

Published Date 2/11/2018
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When it comes to love, what does Astrology say you should expect of each Zodiac sign?

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Expectations - everyone has them and they are sewn into the fabric of your personality.  Woven into who you are growing up, your parents play a part in creating expectations when they taught you what is right or wrong and how to use attention to get what you want. It is a complicated area of our lives but plays a big role in ALL our relationships. 

Each astrology sign covers the four elements: Water, Fire, Earth and Air and each has their unique approach to life’s expectations. Understanding not only your own expectations but those of others can really go a long way in helping to remove mixed messages, hurt feelings and general misunderstandings that most likely were never intended. 

In the end, you need to be realistic. For example, if someone says they love you, their definition of love may or may not have anything in common with what YOU think love means. This can be a very hard pill to swallow as most people feel if someone loves them they should expect the same feelings returned, and it may not always be the case.  So, take time to get to know your loved one. Pay attention to how they handle things and remember… conversation can be your best friend!

Let’s take a look at your Sun sign and rising sign (by the minute of your birth) to discover your expectations.

AQUARIUS: Expects friendship in love. They can appear a bit detached but are no less loving. If you are looking for warm and fuzzy may, Aquarius not be the best choice.

Expects to express the child in them. Thrives as a social butterfly, but not always the best listener. If you are looking for sure and steady, a Gemini might fray your nerves a bit.

Expects good manners, a pleasant social partner and classic romance. If you enjoy a feisty verbal debate, are colorful in dress or are a bit of an attention getter, headaches could follow with a Libra.

PISCES: Expects the great romance in love and are very, very sentimental. If you are a bit direct, a planner or don’t like a more laid-back life style, a Pisces may not be right for you.

CANCER: Expects someone to have their back. Can to be a bit fussy and they notice and remember everything. If you are on the go or independent, you may feel held back with Cancer.

SCORPIO: Expects deep devotion and respect for their privacy. If you are someone who needs to know everything about your companion all the time, a Scorpio’s detachment could leave you feeling neglected.

Expects understanding for their independent ways and loves big adventures. They thrive on the thrill of the chase. If you need a stay at home person or someone who does things slowly, an Aries could really make you feel a bit overwhelmed.

Expects loyalty, attention and understanding with someone who compliments their public image. They excel with the public, enjoy a strong social life and at times a bigger than life reputation. If you are more sensitive, private or not so concerned with what everyone thinks, a Leo could wear you out a bit.

Expects a relaxed, open kind of love which is strongly tied to the spirit of the big explorer. They are seekers who don’t always need to have a lot of stuff as much as spiritual understanding. If you need something more traditional like living in the same home for 40 years, their moving about could leave you feeling less grounded in your life.

Expects traditional values and a sure and steady companion that shares the love of family. They don’t rush anywhere and thrive in the company of friends and a fine meal. If you need an electric night life with the newest and latest of people and things a Taurus could disappoint and slow you down.

Expects organized dates, times and places and is a serious planner making all in their obit arrive and leave on time. They are fixers of the Zodiac and always willing to help, even if they need to be asked first.  If you need a life full of travel adventures, or someone who is a bit more relaxed with how money flows you could feel a bit boxed in with a Virgo.

Expects a long-term relationship, keeping a traditional home and can be surprisingly sentimental about old things. They also have a great kinship with older people, tend to worry when it comes to money and will always buy quality. If you are a free spirit, curious about everything and your emotions need a few fireworks now and then, a Capricorn could be a pass for you.

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