Examining the pros and cons of attachment parenting

Published Date 6/6/2012
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Examining the pros and cons of attachment parenting

Many people have trouble disciplining their children as they grow older, but one new style of parenting that is increasing in popularity is attachment parenting (AP). AskDrSears.com reports that this can be defined as a specific style of caregiving that aims to strengthen the relationship between you and your child from birth.

The basics of AP include everything from breastfeeding to sleeping together on a nightly basis. Supporters of AP believe that this approach can reduce the need for discipline and may even eliminate it altogether - based on the premise that establishing a close relationship with your child will help you understand his or her needs better and reduce tension between you.

However, Time Magazine reports that not everyone supports the idea of this parenting style. Some people dispute that parenting styles should vary on a case-by-case basis. Some people may want to breastfeed until a child is three, while other women may not want to do it at all.

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