Energy Cords Between Lovers

Date 2/22/2020

Do you and your lover maintain healthy energy cords?

Do you and your lover maintain healthy energy cords?

Energy cords are deep connections shared between two people. These are particularly strong between lovers. Learn how to recognize and care for energy cords so they're a positive influence on your life.

What Is an Energy Cord?

Energy cords are etheric energetic connections shared between two individuals. These cords are often rooted in a particular chakra, so you may have an energy cord from your throat chakra tied to someone that you communicate well with. With a romantic partner, you will often share an energy cord through the heart chakra.

You can transfer and receive energy through these cords, which helps you form deeper relationships. However, it's important to be mindful of what you put out and what you get through your energy cords, as these can have both positive and negative influences.

How to Recognize an Energy Cord

Energy cords cannot form without your permission, but many people give permission unconsciously and go through life unaware of the many cords that connect them to others. Some signs of an energy cord are:

  • A tingling or warm sensation around a particular chakra when that cord is influencing you.
  • A seemingly irrational emotional response.
  • Experiencing the emotions of another.
  • Feelings of emotional empowerment or emotional drain associated with another person.
  • Recurring dreams featuring another person.

If you or someone you know can see auras and chakras, they can likely see energy cords as well. Speaking with an energy healer or live psychic may help you identify energy cords.

How to Strengthen Energy Cords

Energy cords between lovers can help you understand each others' feelings, sense one another's comfort or distress, and maintain a mindful awareness of the other person. The cords will help you share thoughts more clearly as well by keeping you in the same mental state as you're addressing various topics. Energetic cords can lead to a deeper and more fulfilling sexual connection when they're healthy and clear of negativity or blockages.

To maintain healthy energy cords with your lover:

  • Focus on sending positive supportive energy.
  • Monitor these cords when you're struggling so you don't send unresolved pain and conflict through to your partner.
  • Meditate together on your energy cords and practice sending and receiving loving energy.
  • Mindfully monitor what you receive from the cord and don't treat your partner's emotions as your own.

When Energy Cords Cause Damage

Energy cords become destructive when they're transmitting harmful energy. If your lover is keeping you tied down or overwhelming you with needy, hurtful energy, the cord has become dangerous. You can cut energy cords with mindful meditation. Focus on the cord and cut the connection, letting it know that you no longer permit this cord in your life. A love psychic can help you evaluate energy cords tied to your lover so you can cut those that don't benefit you.

Examine the energy cords in your life and make sure you're maintaining healthy energy cords with your lover so you can enjoy the strongest relationship possible.


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