Empowering All Mothers... Because You Deserve It! by Psychic Indigo

Published Date 11/2/2013
Category: Love, Relationships & Family

Is that crib already giving you nightmares? Remember: It's all worth it!

Through many phone calls, online psychic chat readings, conversations with friends, and even my own experiences, I’ve found that women as mothers need to feel empowered. 

For nine months your body changes and conforms to support the needs of a baby. You prevail through pain, sickness, exhaustion, and emotional uproars while preparing to nurture and care for a child. You jack up your power bill and double your grocery cost.  As a woman, you are strong, but as a mother you are unstoppable! 

As a mother, you endure hours, days, or even weeks of pain just to bring your child here, and what doesn’t kill you only makes you stronger.  With the loss of sleep, it can be overwhelming at times having to rearrange your schedule to fit the needs of your child, but no matter what you love him/her. You will do whatever it takes to make sure your child is safe, happy, and has everything he/she needs. 

So, if you’re having a hard time through your pregnancy or after your child is born (thanks to the wonderful hormones) remember that it’s the little things that matter. Your child will love you no matter what, and you are blessed with the chance to care for the innocent who will eventually teach you life lessons too. Blessed be…
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