Dreaming of Daisy

Date 8/20/2012

Animals often join our families in the most unusual way!

Animals often join our families in the most unusual way!

I wanted to share the story of how our mini horse Daisy came into my family’s life. 

About five years ago, I was in Tucson AZ at the annual Gem and Mineral Show and while shopping in a local Crystal store, I was intuitively drawn to a very unique black stone.  I approached the owner of the shop with some questions about what it was and where it came from. I was informed it was a fossilized horse tooth from a three toed miniature horse that was native to Nebraska. 

After looking closer, I did notice it looked exactly like a large molar tooth.  Once home, and had a chance to meditate with the tooth, I noticed that it totally amplified my empathic and psychic abilities.  It literally was the strongest stone I have worked with for stimulating lucid dreaming. My dreams were so lucid! I was grabbing maps and newspapers to look at where and when my dreams were taking place. 

I just really started to fall in love with the idea of having my own mini horse if their energy was so sensitive and psychic.  This caused me to randomly look on Craigslist to see if there were any mini horses looking for a new family.  Synchronicity led me to a really cute mini horse named Daisy that had a family whose children were grown up and not giving Daisy the attention that she deserved. So, I took my kids and we went to go meet Daisy in person to see if she would be a great fit for our family. 

Sure enough my daughter who was 4 at the time and son who was 9 fell in love with her, as did I. Now the next thing we needed to figure out was how to get her to the small island of 800 people we live on.  We did not have a horse trailer or access to one, so we asked a friend to loan us their Volkswagen van. 

Yep, about a week later there we were in the ferry line with a mini horse in the back of a Volkswagen van waiting to venture across to the island.  Yeah, it was the talk of the island for a while. My neighbors were not expecting to see that!  Sure enough, Daisy became a great addition to our family; she has lots of personality and curiosity!  She especially likes climbing up onto the deck and standing at the door to beg for carrots.  So there it is, the story of how Daisy the mini horse became part of our family!

Author's Photo by Kristine x8223


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DieLiebeIstSeltsam: What a cute story! Thank you for it. I enjoyed it immensely.

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