Dreaming Of An Ex by Psychic Arthur

Date 4/1/2013

Dreaming of an ex-lover doesn't necessarily mean you want them back.

Dreaming of an ex-lover doesn't necessarily mean you want them back.

Dreaming about an ex is one of the most common dreams people have. However, just because an ex-boyfriend/girlfriend/lover, etc. shows up in your dream state, doesn’t necessarily mean they’re coming back or that you subconsciously even want them back.

In most cases, when you dream of an ex, the dream is not about them at all. Instead, it’s about another aspect of your life and/or a situation that you are currently experiencing.

For example, if a dreaded (or not so dreaded) ex proposes marriage or gives you a ring, the dream, again, does not mean you’re getting back together. The symbolism here means that your relationship with him or her, at that time, somehow made you feel complete or whole, and that you are now longing for a relationship that makes you feel that way.

At the same time, the dream may also represent closure from the ex and that you’re ready for something new. The proposal represents you taking back “your power” and that you are now finally in control, since you get to say “yes” or “no.”

Also, if you’re completely stressed out in your waking world (i.e. pulling out your hair and lashing out on everyone), sometimes your subconscious has a way of taking you back in time when things seemed less complicated. If the ex shows up in a dream, it just means that they happened to be there during that period of time.

Now, let’s say your ex is giving you lots of suggestions or advice in regards to a current relationship. Sounds helpful, right? Wrong! Basically, your inner self is warning you and yelling, “Danger, Will Robinson!” If you’re not careful, you might be ignoring red flags and end up repeating the exact same mistakes in your current relationship that you had while you were with that ex.

Obviously, these are just a few examples. Dreaming allows our subconscious mind to work things out that we may be ignoring while we're awake. Sometimes the images and the dreams can be confusing, but if you really stop and think about the symbolism, most dreams can be explained and interpreted.

If you have any dreams that need interpreting, give me a call and let’s see what your subconscious is trying to tell you!

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