Does He Really Love the Other Woman?

Published Date 2/26/2020
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Does he have eyes only for the other woman?

Love triangles create confusing and painful situations. If you're the acknowledged partner but you know your lover is seeing someone else, you may struggle with feelings of inadequacy. If you're the "other woman" and you're seeing someone who's in another relationship, you might anxiously wonder whether he truly loves his other partner or will eventually leave her for you.

There's no easy way to navigate this situation, but it can help to recognize some important truths in the triangle.

He's Not in Love With You

If there's another person involved in your relationship and your partner is trying to convince you that you're the only one who matters, he's selling you a fallacy. If your partner is truly in love with you, you will become the only woman in his life. The longer the affair lingers, regardless of which side you sit on, the more he diminishes his affection for and commitment to either one of you.

While it is difficult to leave an established partner, a man will do so if he's following a true love. If you want him to leave the other woman and come to you, don't make yourself available for anything less. If he loves you, he will come.

He's Not in Love With Her Either

Any lover who is pursuing another woman isn't in love with either of the partners in his life. It's harmful to both relationships to maintain a love triangle unless you're in a unique situation where all three parties have agreed to the three-way relationship and are comfortable sharing their love long-term. If your partner isn't giving you his full romantic attention and commitment, love doesn't factor into any of his relationships. If you're feeling confused, a tarot reading may help you get a better map of the situation.

He Loves the Lifestyle

What men love most about a love triangle is the lifestyle that it facilitates. One partner typically cares for the children, home, and other domestic comforts while the other enjoys a more lighthearted sensual experience with the man. This gives him the best of all worlds on the surface, but the only deep love in the situation is for himself and his comforts.

You Determine Your Own Worth

You are the only person who can determine your worth in a romantic relationship. You decide what kind of love you need. Don't accept anything less. If you're happy sharing your partner, then there's nothing wrong with this kind of relationship. However, if you find yourself painfully questioning his loyalties and wondering about your worth, know that no lover can determine that. If you're having trouble finding the best way out of the situation, a psychic chat may help.

Never stay in a relationship that doesn't feel safe and fulfilling. Seek the love that you deserve, wherever that may be found and don't give too much of yourself to someone who isn't giving the love back to you.


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